Week 4, 5, 6 Recap


Games Recap: for games 4 and 5 and 6

Bruins: Slow start for the defending champs continues as they lost 2 of 3

Black Hawks: a win a loss and tie led by a hat trick by Mike Troback

Red Wings: Wings struggling to score lost 2 of three during this stretch

Oilers: The Oilers lost two of three during this stretch

Flyers: Flyers in a nice run of two wins and a tie led by Dave Johnson with three goals

Penguins: Pens are on a roll winning two of three during this stretch

Games Recap for games 5 and 6

Flyers: Defending champs went one win and a loss in both tight games

Black Hawks: Captain Dave Langille with a couple goals as his team had a win and tie

Bruins: Captain Wayne Sliwiniski leads the way with a sweep of both their games

Kings: The crowns lost both of their games as goal scoring has dried up

Penguins: Captain Dave Armstrong another hat trick as the pens had a win and a tie

Leafs: With a win and a loss the SCOHA Leafs are on the rise

Games Recap for games 5 and 6

Canadiens: Wow out scored 15-2 as Habs went zero for two

Red Wings: Sniper Bob Schweyer leads the wings with a hat trick and veteran Gord Johnson had a SHO as the wings went 2-0

Flyers: The hot Fyers are being led by Henry Marfisi with hat trick as they demolished their opponents in both games

Black hawks: Hawks went 1 -1 and had a grerat balance of scoring by a bunch

Sharks: Defending champs lost both during this stretch

Stars: It was the Larry Litzgus show as he potted 5 one game and the Stars split their two games

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