First Three Weeks Recap


First 3 Games Recap:

Bruins:   (0-3)

Slow start for the defending champs led by Corey Hall and Geoff Chowen with two goals each and Kirk Blancher with 5 points

Black Hawks (2-0-1)

Undefeated after 3 games led by Ross Lacasse with 4 goals and Mike Trobak with three goals and a pair of assisits

Red Wings (1-1-1)

Wings led by Mike Haslam and Dino LaPorta each with a pair of goals

Oilers  (1-0-2)

The undefeated Oilers led by Lino Ruggieri and Rob Merritt with three goals each .   Merritt with 8 points and Steve Ditta with 6 points

Flyers (2-0-1)

Flyers led by Charlie Polizzi with three goals and 4 assists and fantastic goaltending

Penguins (0-2-1)

Pens have been in tight so far on all three games this season  led by Lee Bonnar with a pair of goals


First 4 Games Recap:

Flyers: (0-3-1)

Defending champs led by Rob Baker with 5 goals and Paul McGraw with three goals

Black Hawks (3-1)

Captain Dave Langille leads the way with 4 goals and Jeff Davis with three and the team has had two team shutouts

Bruins (3-1)

Captain Wayne Sliwiniski leads the way with 6 goals and Mike Miscio with three goals

Kings (2-2)

Trevor Swanson leads the squad with 4 goals and Chris Mallios and Bob Tennison with three goals each

Penguins (1-3)

Captain Dave Armstrong with 6 goals J Marenette with 4 goals

Leafs (2-2)---formerly the Sharks

Renamed and off to a better start Charlie Polizzi with 8 goals leads the team and league


First 4 Games Recap:

Canadiens (1-3)

Although off to a slow start the Habs are being led by Richard Hamilton with 3 goals and Ron Hall and Jason Anderson with a pair each

Red Wings (2-2)

Sniper Bob Schweyer leads the wings with 5 goals and Mark Shadwell with three of his own in this early part of the season

Flyers (3-0-1)

The hot Flyers are being led by Henry Marfisi with 7 goals and Bruce Gunby with a hot start with 4 of his own

BlackHawks ( 1-3)

Hawks having a tough start being led by Robert DiGiovanni with 4 goals and Dale Brons with three of his own

Sharks (3-0-1)

Defending champs are hot again led by Mike Archer with 6 goals and Guy Shaver with 3 goals

Stars (1-3)

The offence has been buried in rust so far in this early season  as only 8 goals in 4 games and Larry Litzgus has 3 of them.

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