This Week in SCOHA - Jan 30th 2017

Junior:  "Game 20" 
Flyers 7 -  Blackhawks 3     Flyers led by Daryl Kator with a pair in the win and in the losing effort Dennis Cybalski with a pair 
Redwings 5 -  Oilers 3         Red Wings led by Mark Powell with a pair and the Oilers' Bryan Purins had a pair in a losing cause 
Bruins 5 -  Penguins 3         Bruins got by the Pens Friday night which were led by Greg Lintott with a pair 
Intermediate:  "Game 20" 
Penguins 8 -  Blackhawks 5   In the crazy game of the night Pens led by the big guns Brian Powell with three and Bob Tenison with a pair  as well as                                            Gary Poole and the  Hawks led by Jeff Davis with the Hat Trick 
Sharks 5 -   Flyers 2           Sharks' Nick Miscione with the hat trick and Walt Blagdon with a pair as they got by the Flyers 
Kings 2 -  Bruins 2             The Kings and Bruins could not determine a winner 
Masters: "Game 20" 
Flyers 4 -  Canadiens 3       Flyers got by the last place Habs 
Redwings 2 -  Stars 1         In a battle to the end the Wings got by the surging Stars 
Sharks 3 -  Blackhawks 2    In a key 4 point game the Sharks snapped the Hawks win streak and nipped them by one 

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