This Week in SCOHA - Jan 16th 2017

Junior:  "Game 18"
Redwings 1 -  Penguins 1   Battle of the goalies went as expected as nothing was decided on Friday night
Flyers 6 -  Oilers 3    Flyers doubled up the Oilers led by Ross Lacasse with a pair of goals, Oilers' Kyle Zimmerman had a pair in the losing cause
Bruins 4 -  Blackhawks 3     Bruins got past the Hawks and in the losing effort Dennis Cybalski had a pair
Intermediate:  "Game 18"
Penguins 6 -  Sharks 2    Pens' vet Tim Pettit with the hat trick and two helpers in front of his fan club and Bob Tenison with two goals as they beat up the Sharks
Flyers 5  - Kings 4  Flyers with a nice team win and led by Jim Lennie with the hat trick and the Kings were led by Glen Rouse with two
Bruins 4 -  Blackhawks 2  Bruins got a pair from John Hewitt and Alfonso Tinebro
Masters:  "Game 18"
Flyers 4 -  Stars 3              Flyers nipped the Stars by a goal the Flyers led by Vince Mercuri with a pair
Blackhawks 2 -  Redwings 1      Hawks' goalie Brian Deanes was seconds away from his second consecutive  SHO after making numerous acrobatic saves but the wings spoiled it by getting  a late goal. Hawks got both goals by Grant Voisin in the winning effort
Sharks 4 -  Canadiens 0       Sharks' goalie Richard Paquet with his second shutout of the season

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