This Week in SCOHA - Jan 3rd 2017

Junior:  GAME 15   Dec.23/16

Redwings 6 -  Oilers 2    RedWings led by Walter Blagdon with two goals

Flyers 6 -  Blackhawks 2  Flyers' John Spatazzo with a pair

Penguins 5 -  Bruins 1   Pens' Brian Spilak with a pair Friday night

GAME 16 Dec.30/16 

Bruins 7 -  Redwings 2   Bruins smoked the Wings led by Mark Davies with a pair and Kirk Blancher had a pair as well

Oilers 4 -  Blackhawks 1  Oilers led by Klyle Zimmerman with a pair

Penguins 4 -  Flyers 2   It was the Shawn James show as he had the hat trick as he helped take care of the Flyers


Intermediate:   GAME 16 Dec.30/16

Bruins 8 -  Flyers 4   Bruins' Bob Tirnanic was feeling the mojo on New Year's eve eve as he lit the lamp FIVE TIMES.  in a losing cause Conrad Hatrum with a pair   (Captain Dave Wichman potted a nice one as well)

Penguins 7 -  Kings 5  Pens led by Gary Guthro with a hat trick and Bob Tenison with a pair as they beat the Kings.  Kings' Glen Rouse with a hat trick of his own in a losing cause

Sharks 8 -  Blackhawks 3   Sharks pasted the Hawks as Chris Scott had 4 large Friday night and Walter Blagdon with a pair


Masters:  GAME 16 Dec.30/16

Blackhawks 5 -  Flyers 4    Down all game the Hawks did it again led by Kevin Boyd with a pair and Flyers led by Vince Mercuri with a pair

Redwings 1 -  Sharks 1     Battle of goaltending as only two goals on the night

Canadiens 2  -  Stars 2  Stars' Larry Litzgus with both goals as the Stars tied the last place Habs 

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