This Week in SCOHA - Dec 5th 2016

Junior: (Game 12)

Flyers 4 -  Redwings 2   Flyers led by Charlie Polizzi with two as he helped in doubling up RedWings

Penguins 7 -  Blackhawks 4    Pens had 7 different goal scorers as they crunched the Hawks who got two from captain Ron Cybalski

Oilers 5 -  Bruins 3   Oilers got 5 goals from 5 different goal scorers while Kirk Blancher potted all three Bruin's goals in a losing cause.


Intermediate: (Game 13)

Blackhawks 6 -  Bruins 1   BlackHawks big upset vs the Bruins led by three with two each - Cory Beaudoin, Andy Rossit and Charlie Polizzi

Kings 4 -  Flyers 2  Kings doubled up the struggling Flyers led by Glen Rouse with two and Flyers got two from Rob Baker

Sharks 6 -  Penguins 3   More doubling as Sharks got two from Walter Blagdon and Nick Miscione and Pens got two from Tim Pettit


Masters:  ( Game 13)

Sharks 4 -  Canadiens 1     Sharks rolled over the struggling habs sunday night

Flyers 6 -  Stars 3  Flyers doubled up the stars led by Enzo Giammichel and Vince Mercuri with two each and in the losing effort Larry Litzgus with a pair

Blackhawks 6 -  Redwings 4      BlackHawks with a nice team effort in a come from behind effort led by rookie George Papadopoulos with his first of the year which was the game winner. Hawks were also led by Kevin Boyd and Grant Voisin with two goals each and also of note a very nice assist by d-man Pat McKenna  

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