This Week in SCOHA - Nov 1st 2016

Junior:  Season Game Number #7

Penguins 5 -  Blackhawks 1           Pens out hustled the Hawks led by Rory Hustler

Flyers 5 -  Redwings 1        Flyer's Sunny Sahai had a pair in this one sided effort 

Bruins 6 - Oilers 5         Bruin's Mike Haslam and Tom Mitchell had a pair each as the Bruins nipped the Oilers by a goal. Ryan Aikens had the hat trick in the losing cause 


Intermediate:  Season Game Number #8

Flyers 2 -  Kings 2   Kings Glen Rouse had both King's goals as the game ended in a deadlock 

Bruins 3  - Blackhawks 3      Bruin's Jason Sliwinski had a pair Sunday night to help secure the tie

Penguins 7 -  Sharks 3  New look Pens destroyed the Sharks  led by newbie Bob Tennison with the hat trick and two helpers


Masters:  Season Game Number #8

Redwings 3 -  Blackhawks 2  The magic season continues for the Wings as Dale Brons chipped in with two

Sharks 6 -  Canadiens 3  Ghislain Piche had a hat trick  as they doubled the Habs who were led by Keith Gear

Stars 8 -  Flyers 4  Stars Scott Wheeler had the mojo with a hat trick and three helpers as well as Larry Litzgus with two goals of his own.    Flyer's Tim Manning chipped in with two

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