This Week in SCOHA - Dec 21 2015


Redwings - 5   Oilers - 1      Decisive win by the Wings Friday night as they scored 5 goals led by Sunny Sahai's pair

Flyers - 3   Blackhawks - 3     It was the Hawks' Ron Cybalski with all the scoring for the Hawks as he had the 'trick as he helped tie the Flyers

Penguins - 4   Bruins - 4     Bruins' Tom Mitchell and Mark Davies both tallied 2 as they helped  tie the Pens



Bruins - 3   Sharks - 1    In a spirited game Sunday, the Bruins nipped the Sharks by a couple of goals

Kings - 1   Blackhawks - 1  In a defensive tilt Sunday night at the Quad it was a battle of great goaltending as the game ended at ones

Flyers - 6   Penguins - 2    Team rep Dave Wichman lead the Flyers with a pair of goals as they handled the Pens who were led by new recruit Scott Cochrane's pair of markers



Stars - 7   Sharks - 3     Stars' Larry Litzgus back from the IR had 4 goals and a couple of helpers as line number one accounted for all 7 goals. He and Kelly Rintjema had two each on the top line as they beat the Sharks and Guy Shaver who had a pair

Canadiens - 3   Blackhawks - 1    Habs kept rolling and the wins keep coming as they continue to be on top of the division

Flyers - 3   Devils - 1    In a battle of defence on Sunday the Flyers got past the Devils on Sunday night 

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