This Week in SCOHA - Feb 23 2014

SCOHA 2013/2014

Quick update on the weekend coming up. On Friday night the Flyers take on the Oilers, the BlackHawks face the Bruins and the Blues meet the RedWings. A BlackHawk win with a RedWing loss would put the Hawks in 1st. The Flyers can finish 3rd with a win and as low as 5th with a loss. Great finish!


On Sunday, the Intermediate division starts their playoff round - times are posted on the Playoffs page and the Masters division will settle first place between the Canadiens and the Devils. They don't play each other, but Sharks and Stars can be the spoilers.


Junior Division 30+

Blackhawks 10 - Blues 4

Blackhawk goals - Wayne Swilinski with 4, Dave Braid and Ron Cybalski and Dale Scott with 2 goals each.

Blues goals - Keith Gleadall with 2 goals, and singles to Ross Lacasse and Mike Haslam.

Red Wings 4 - Flyers 3

Red  Wings goals - Jeff Cosentino with a pair and singles to Jeff Davis and  Walt Blagdon.

Flyers goals - Glenn Erskine, Peter Neumeyer and Dave Mercer.

Bruins 4 - Oilers 3

Bruins goals -Terry Davidson, Sean Riley, Kirk Blancher and Troy Sheridan

Oilers goals - Steve Cassidy, Brian Spilak and Rob Bili


Intermediate Division 40+

Blackhawks 4 - Penguins 2

Blackhawk goals - Bill Kircos, Troy Izlakar, Mike Martini and Sean Riley

Penguin goals - Tim Pettitt and Mike Laing

Bruins 4 - Flyers 4

Bruins goals - Scott Wheeler and Paul Lewington with 2 goals each

Flyers goals - Dave Langille with a pair and singles to Peter Tompkins and Steve Saulnier.

Avalanche 3 - Kings 0

Avalanche goals - Jim Albanese with 2 and Dave McKinley the single, and Kevin Hikida with the shutout.


Masters Division 50+ games

Canadiens 4 - Sharks 2

Canadiens goals - Ralph Ionico, John Oliviera, Bob Bazzinet and Bruce McDonald

Sharks goals - Ghislain Piche with 2

Stars 3 - Devils 2

Stars goals - Henry Marfisi with 2 and Guy Shaver the single

Devils goals - Randy Verge and Mark Shadwell 

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