This Week in SCOHA - Feb 16 2014

SCOHA 2013/2014

Junior Division 30+

BlackHawks 5  Oilers 5

BlackHawks scorers : Ron Cybalski, Wayne Swlinski (3), Dennis Cybalski

Oilers scorers: Charlie Polizzi (4), Robert Bili


Blues 6  Flyers 1

Blues scorers: Ross Lacasse (4), Keith Gleadall, Steve Cromwell

Flyers scorer: Glenn Erskine


RedWings 7   Bruins 3

RedWings scorers: Jeff Cosentino (6), Jeff Davis

Bruins scorers: Mike Aube, Troy Sheridan, Cory Hall


Intermediate Division 40+

Bruins 4  Kings 2

Bruins goal scorers Gary Guthro with the natural hat trick  and Scott Wheeler

Kings goals were by Scott Johnson and Ernie Dunston


Avalanche 2  Penguins 2

Avalanche goal scorers were Paul Cleary and Tim Manning

Penguins goals were from Marc Verrier and Tim Pettitt


Flyers 6  Blackhawks 1

Flyers goal scorers were Grant Voisin and Steve Saulnier with 2 goals each Joad Durst and Dan Cascioli with singles.

Blackhawks lone goal scorer Steve Kivell


Masters Division 50+

Stars 6  Sharks 0

Stars goal scorers were Henry Marfisi with 4 goals and Guy Shaver with a pair.


Devils 1  Canadiens 1

Devils goal scorer Paul Vespa

Canadiens goal scorer Vince Mercuri


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