2005/2006 Play off format

Round 1      Junior March 3rd

1 Thrashers vs. 12 Rangers 8:30PM 2 Red Wings vs.11 Sharks 8:45PM  3 Blues vs. 10 Senators 9:30 PM
4 Leafs vs. 9 Bruins 9:45PM 5 Stars vs. 8 Flyers 10:30PM  6 Canucks vs. 7 Flames 10:45PM

          Intermediate March 5th

1 Flames vs. 12 Flyers 5:30PM 2 Blues vs.11 Leafs 5:45PM  3 Stars vs. 10 Blue Jackets 6:30 PM
4 Sharks vs. 9 Islanders 6:45PM 5 Penguins vs. 8 Predators 7:30PM  Hawks vs. 7 Canadiens 7:45PM

6 winners advance plus the  Top 2 regular season ranked losers assuming 7th & 8th position.

Round 2    Junior March 10th

1 Thrashers vs. 8 Stars 8:30PM 2 Red Wings vs. 7 Leafs 8:45PM 3 Blues vs. Bruins 9:30 PM 4 Flames vs. 5 Flyers 9:45PM

         Intermediate March 12th

1 Flames vs. 8 Canadiens 5:30PM 2 Blues vs. 7 Sharks  5:45PM  3 Stars vs. 6 Islanders  6:30 PM 4 Penguins  vs. Hawks  6:45PM

Round 3    Junior March 17th

1 Flames  vs. 4 Stars  8:45PM Bruins  vs. 3 Leafs 9:45PM

           Intermediate March 19th

1 Flames   vs. 4 Sharks  5:45PM Hawks   vs. 3 Islanders  6:45PM

Championships March 24th

Intermediate 1 Flames vs. Islanders 8:30pm Junior 1 Flames vs. 2 Bruins   10:00pm

Intermediate Champs : Islanders             Junior Champs : Bruins 

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Not sure if there are other Educators in the league or other Fathers who are planning on taking their kids away for the March break but it seems to me that the March break is not the ideal time to run playoffs in a league. I know nothing can be done this year but this should be considered for future years. I would appreciate any feedback from others that are in similar situations.