B Division Leafs vs. Sens Dec 12

There was some confusion at the start of the game as to who the home team was and the game sheet was filled out incorrectly. The actual score was 4-0 for the Senators Happy Holidays!!!

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Bill Curran

Friday, December 17 2004 @ 04:15 PM EST
I'll fix it when I do next week's ganes.
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Junior Division 30+ Championship
Bruins 4 - RedWings 1

Bruins Goals -

RedWings Goals -
Intermediate Division 40+ Championship
Flyers 1- Penguins 9  (Shootout)
Flyers Goals - 
Penguins Goals - 
Masters Division 50+ Championship
Sharks 4 - RedWings 2
Shark's Goals -  Ghislain Piche, Mike Archer, Kevin Feist, Alastair Kermack.
RedWing's goals - Kelly Rintjema, Bruce Macdonald.
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