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Team Name Win Loss Tie Points GF GA
RedWings 11 5 3 25 76 46
Bruins 11 7 1 23 69 54
Flyers 10 7 2 22 70 53
BlackHawks 8 8 3 19 69 82
Oilers 9 10 0 18 70 70
Penguins  3 15 1 7 49 98
Team Name Win Loss Tie Points GF GA
Canadiens 14 2 3 31 72 51
Penguins 11 6 2 24 68 48
Leafs  9 5 5 23 70 60
Bruins 6 8 5 17 63 61
BlackHawks 5 12 2 12 52 75
Flyers  2 14 3 7 51 81
Team Name Win Loss Ties Points GF GA
Bruins 13 2 4 30 78 36
Flames 9 6 4 22 59 54
Stars 9 8 2 20 53 54
RedWings 9 9 1 19 60 58
Kings 8 9 2 18 57 58
Sharks 7 10 2 16 72 72
BlackHawks 6 9 4 16 38 54
Flyers 4 12 3 11 59 90

This Week in SCOHA – January 14th, 2020

Cantcha smell that smell?

SCOHA 2019/2020

Winter is coming folks, and so is the freezing cold hockey bags because the mrs won’t let you bring your bag inside. My gloves smell like a bad batch of broccoli sometimes so this could be bad news for anyone in my locker room…  At any rate, let’s unglue the week that was in Scohaville.


FLYERS 4 PENGUINS 1: Flyers Mark Powell turned the light on twice and added an assist as the Flyers put a cap on the Pens 4-1. This Powell kid has performed well this season. His goals are always top cheese. Makes you want to go down to Little Caesars and order 3 packs of cheese bread. Big win for the Flyers who now sit 1 point behind the Redwings for first place.

OILERS 2 REDWINGS 1: Legions of Oiler fans made the trip out for this one. Oilers hung on to a 2-1 victory thanks to a pair of sniped from Steve Ditta. He could’ve had the hatty but he just couldn’t get the puck to sit for the lacrosse style goal. Kyle Miobertallo, say that name fast 3 times, added an assist on both Oiler goals as their fans went home happy. Oilers defence is playing like a trump wall right now, limiting scoring chances and playing physical around their net. Goalie Joan “Lakeshore” Weston has been stalwart in the crease lately.

BLACKHAWKS 5 BRUINS 2: Ron Cybalski scored 2 goals Brett “St. Lawrence” Rivers filled the sheet with 3 helpers as the Hawks beat up the Bruins 5-2. Hawks are now only 2 points back of the Bruins with no games in hand. Hawks goalie John Ricard did everything but replace the aluminum siding on the arena, steering aside 32 shots for the big win. Reporters were locked out of the Bruins locker room afterwards as players got out the whiteboard and went over strategies. Later they realized they were using a permanent marker.


LEAFS 8 FLYERS 3: My Flyers got waffled by the Leafs 8-3. Newcomer Dave Kat and Jason Aguanno both scored twice  and Steve Cromwell tallied 3 assists for the Leafs as the Flyers woes continued. Leafs had spare goalie Etienne Venne between the pipes for this one. The Flyers are wondering “Venne” they will win another game. Stick tap to Jason Hoffman who dropped a deuce in a losing cause.

CANADIENS 5 BRUINS 5: Bruins were licking their lips before the game when they found out Habs goalie Bill Templeman forgot his damn skates and they had to sign Masters division goalie Ed “ Cow jumped over the” Mooney to a 1 day contract. Both teams went out there and lit the lights. Make the final 5-5 as Canadiens Bill “Holy Moly” Foley scored a pair and 5 different players replied for the Bruins. Habs Jim Marentette, let’s stop for a sec and yap about this guy. He can win a faceoff with one of my dad’s black socks covering his eyes, his pre-game meal is a glass of Countrytime Lemonade with a grill cheese, and he enjoys reading and slow walks on the beach. Jim added 3 assists to help out his team and took home the game puck.

BLACKHAWKS 4 PENGUINS 2: Get lost! Brock Hotrum’s pregame can of orange Fanta paid off as he scored the eventual game winner as the Hawks surprised the Penguins 4-2. Al Granata, our home and native land, added 2 assists as the Hawks are starting to roll out like a red carpet at one of those stupid award shows the wives make us sit through. The Penguins players refused comment after the game so reporters ended up interviewing the girl behind the desk in the lobby. Turns out she doesn’t even like hockey and the smells make her nautious.


REDWINGS 6 FLYERS 3: Ed “Shaky” Walton ate a meatball sub with onions before the game and kept belching it on the damn bench. His team kept double-shifting him so they would’nt have to smell it. With said extra ice time, he scored 2 goals to lift the Wings over the Flyers 6-3. Redwings John Hewitt scored 1 and added 3 assists for the Wings who are in the mix of a log jammed Masters division race. 3 points separate 5 teams, more see saws than a see saw festival. Pat Sergi scored a pair of clappers for the Flyers who are just a few wins away from joining the group of 5 teams previously mentioned.

STARS 5 SHARKS 4: Dale Brons scored 2 highlight reel goals that he will be playing back on his Betamax for a while and defenceman Al Oddie put the puck right through the net as the Stars avoided the Sharks 5-4 as seen on Sportsnet’s Hometown Hockey game of the week. Sharks Denis “Don’t Call Me Marcel” Dion scored a goal then hopped on the glass to celebrate with fans chanting his name.

FLAMES 3 BRUINS 2: Jason Anderson scored a pair of beauts as the Flames held on for a 3-2 win over the big bad Bruins. The Bruins were out hustled along the board for the first time this season. They blamed poor ice conditions as the Zamboni driver missed a stripe. No penalties were called so both teams went upstairs for a glass of milk to celebrate. Both goalies stood on their ear lobes or this score would’ve been much higher.

KINGS 4 BLACKHAWKS 3: Gary Guthro added 2 goals for insurance as his Kings defeated the Blackhawks 4-3. Kings goalie Scott Johnson swears by a can of cola inbetween periods. He feels he needs that extra boost before starting the 2nd half of the game and also looks up to the stands while chugging it for a quick photo op. Blackhawks Paul Buzzelli was a bee out there, scoring a honey of a goal in a losing cause.

 Well that puts a wrap on another week that was in the #1 voted best men's hockey league in Ontario voted by our players. Heavy snowfall coming this weekend so Masters Sharks Larry Litzgus won’t be able to jog to the rink with his hockey bag and stick over his shoulders. Have a good week and keep your damn stick on the ice.

 Chris Marttila

This Week in SCOHA – January 1st, 2020

Business as Usual

SCOHA 2019/2020

I’m sure there’s a lot of players hanging like an olive today after last night’s festivities, but the SCOHA Blog Headquarters is business as usual. Some bigtime scorers came to the rink last week ready to bulldoze the opposition while others drove to the arena to give it a sporting chance despite a persistent cough with phlegm. Let’s roll back the game film and review a busy last week of action at the epicenter of adult hockey culture….

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This Week in SCOHA – December 28th, 2019

Holiday Egg Nog Edition

SCOHA 2019/2020

Well some players got the ultimate gift in a Peloton super exercise bike while others got the opposite: a soda pop machine and a 1 yard Mars bar. Those guys are dreading this weekend’s games, lugging around 8 extra pounds of Molson muscle mixed in with gravy and those tasteless small dinner rolls that go stale after 2 days. Anyways, let’s quickly unwrap last week’s SCOHA action from both end’s of the ice... Holiday Egg Nog Edition.

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This Week in SCHOHA- December 12th, 2019

Nothin' to do on a Friday night

SCOHA 2019/2020

Well fellas, we are plowing through the holiday season without any major incidents so far. Ed Walton’s tree has fallen down twice but he will realize soon enough that he needs a tree stand to make it stay upright. Junior Division teams had the week off so they are all chored out and ready to lace up their twirlers again this upcoming weekend. Let’s put a bow on the past week that was in Scoha City.

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This Week in SCOHA – December 3rd, 2019

Spare change? Spare change?

SCOHA 2019/2020

Has there ever been a goalie with 2 shutouts in one night? Bruins' Joe Locicero shut the front door, shutting out the Stars 2-0 then filled in for the Bruins as they folded up the Sharks like a used picnic blanket by a touchdown. Great night Joe!!!2 weeks ago we saw more spares than a 10-pin bowling tournament. This past Friday night Junior Division saw a few teams with plenty of leg room while getting changed due to guys missing but hey, it’s a busy time of year for most. I took in the Junior games Friday night and lemme tell ya, these guys can skate! Penguins got some help with a roster addition that should help. This new Ali Poshni kid has speed and can stickhandle around sidewalk ants for crying out loud. I saw a sign in the crowd that said “Poshni a Beer” so he is warming up to Penguin fans already… He was given hockey genes at an early age and I am not talking about the kind of genes you wrap a belt around. At any rate, let’s barge through the weekend that was in SCOHA.

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This Week in SCOHA – November 26th, 2019

Dream A Little Dream

SCOHA 2019/2020

We’re all still chasing the dream of hoisting the SCOHA Championship trophy. Division standings are getting tighter than a snare drum as we approach the Christmas break. More than half of us still don’t have the damn tree up yet while others had things up 3 weeks ago, have fun with that January hydro bill… My predictions I posted before last weeks games didn’t pan out as expected but as my good buddy Wayne once said, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take…” That aside, let’s untangle the week that was in Scohario…

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This Week in SCOHA – November 19th, 2019

Fit To Be Tied

SCOHA 2019/2020

Scohaville is ready to turn up the heat as winter weather has hit us in the face like a bird on a clean window. 3 games finished in a tie which messed up several Proline tickets. Intermediate Canadiens remain on fire with their 7th straight win while other teams are continuing to have more knots than a sailboat... Fans are starting to fill the bleachers, losing their lungs cheering on their favourite Scoha heroes. Let’s peel back the onion on the week that was…

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2018/2019 Champs

2019 Junior Champs - Penguins

2019 Int Champs - Leafs

2019 Masters Champs - Stars

Junior Championship 
Bruins  2   VS  Penguins4              
Intermediate Championship 
Leafs  7      VS    0
Masters Championship 
Flames  1     VS      Stars  2        
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