Team Name Win Loss Tie Points For Against
BlackHawks 7 1 3 17 61 32
Flyers 4 3 4 12 34 34
Bruins 5 6 0 10 36 40
Oilers 3 4 4 10 29 32
Penguins 3 5 3 9 31 33
RedWings 2 5 4 8 24 33
Team Name Win Loss Tie Points For Against
Bruins 9 2 0 18 51 25
BlackHawks 5 4 2 12 41 37
Penguins 5 4 2 12 54 53
Flyers 5 5 1 11 38 41
Leafs 4 6 1 9 26 31
Kings 2 9 0 4 28 51
Team Name Win Loss Ties Points For Against
Flyers 8 1 2 18 51 29
RedWings 6 4 1 13 41 33
BlackHawks 5 6 0 10 45 30
Sharks 4 5 2 10 38 45
Stars 4 6 1 9 34 37
Canadiens 3 8 0 6 28 53

This Week in SCOHA - Nov 13th 2017


RED WINGS 1  OILERS 1  Friday night goaltending duel between two solid clubs
BRUINS 4 PENGUINS 0   Bruins' Roman Bratovz with the nifty shutout  as the Bruins had four separate goal scorers
FLYERS 3  BLACK HAWKS 3  In a chippy game both teams battled  with approx. 7 Penalties  each as well as three goals each
FLYERS 5 LEAFS 2 Flyers led by Doug Benson with a pair as he helped rake away the Leafs on Sunday
PENGUINS 5 BLACKHAWKS 4 Pens led by captain Dave Armstrong with a pair and Hawks had 4 different goal scorers
BRUINS 6 KINGS 1 Bruins smoked the Kings led by Mike Miscio with a pair
FLYERS 4 CANADIENS 0 The magic season continues for the Flyers and Joe LoCicero continues to add to his historic season ( assist last game) now a shutout and even got a penalty to complete the Ron Hextall hat trick. Henry Marfisi with a pair
BLACK HAWKS 6 SHARKS 1 Hawks led by wily vet Peter Syring with a pair as they squished the fish
STARS 4 RED WINGS 4 Stars got some big offence late in the game with Grant Voisin with a pair as did Larry Litzgus with two of his own as their late comeback stunned the Wings


This Week in SCOHA - Nov 6th 2017


BLACKHAWKS 6  REDWINGS 2    Hawks Ross Lacasse with the hat trick  as did Mike Troback with the other three goals as they took apart the Wings
OILERS 1  PENGUINS 1  Battle of goaltending Friday night
BRUINS 8 FLYERS 5  Bruins Tom Mitchell with three goals and two by Cory Gurman and Geoff Chowan with 5 helpers as they got passed the Flyers led by Dave Kat with a pair


PENGUINS 7 FLYERS 3  Pens Glenn Stuebing with a pair as the high scoring Pens took apart the Flyers who got all three goals by Doug Benson
BLACKHAWKS 4  KINGS 2  Hawks doubled up the Kings sunday night
BRUINS 3 LEAFS 0  Bruins Bruno Santonato with  his 1st sho of the season and Mike Miscio with a pair


CANADIANS 5 BLACKHAWKS 2  Habs with two in a row on a balanced attack over the hawks
STARS 8 SHARKS 4  Kelly Rintjema with 4 goals and a helper and Scott Wheeler with two as the Stars doubled up the Sharks
FLYERS 6 REDWINGS 3       Flyers  on fire winger Alastair Kermack with a pair as did Henry Marfisi with two as the dream undefeated season continues for the Flyers 


SCOHA Donates $4,000 from the Jim Mercanti Memorial Golf Tournament to the McNally House Hospice

Last year's golf tournament raised $4,000 and it was decided by the executive to donate that money to the McNally House Hospice in the name of Jim Mercanti. The money, combined with $2,300 from the Mercanti Family goes in an effort to purchase an elevator in memory of Jim.

Please see the Jim Mercanti Memorial page here on the SCOHA site for a photo commemorating the donations.

This Week in SCOHA - Oct 30th 2017


Oilers - 2 Flyers - 0 Beauty shutout by Steve "the goalie" as he stopped them all Friday night
Blackhawks - 6 Bruins - 3 Hawks doubled up the Bruins led by Ron Cybalski with a hat trick
Penguins - 4 Redwings - 4 Pens and Wings did not solve much except a well played game on Friday night


Flyers - 5 Kings - 3 Flyers' Doug Benson had a pair in beating the Kings on Sunday
Bruins - 6 Blackhawks - 4 Nice balance as 6 different Bruins scored and got by the Hawks which were led by Jeff Davis with a pair
Leafs - 3 Penguins - 3 Pens got two goals by Brian Powell as the game ended in a tie


Redwings - 2 Blackhawks - 1 In a goaltending battle for the ages, both goalies stood on their heads, but the Wings got the better of the Hawks
Canadiens - 7 Sharks - 1 Wow it was the Jason Anderson show with 4 goals and not to be out done Pete Fantauzzo had the other 3 to help take apart the defending champs
Flyers - 3 Stars - 1 Flyers led by Henry Marfisi with a pair as the flyers keep on racking up the wins PS but the bigger news that dwarfs the winning ways of the hot Flyers is goalie Joe Locicero got awarded a much earned assist that is still being talked about days later . From all of us at SCOHA congrats Joe !


New Referee changes starting 2017-2018

Our membership took the time to attend our 2017 AGM and voiced their concerns on some refereeing issues. We are happy to report that your executive listened. We have spent the last few weeks in meetings discussing and investigating how we can make the quality of our league and its officials even better than ever.

A committee was set up with this task. The committee interviewed four different referee’s association including Andy Bushey and his team. We also took the time to meet with other associations to get their input on how they felt about the referees that we were looking at.

We are pleased to report that we have made the following drastic changes that will make SCOHA one of the best Men’s hockey leagues in Hamilton:

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