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Friday, February 24 2017 @ 09:06 PM EST


Our former long time treasurer and current Exec at Large Jim Mercanti passed away Friday, September 23rd.  
Our thoughts are with Pauline and the family.
Rest in peace Jimmy. You will be missed.
Gord Johnson's Pics from First Ontario Centre Games are at

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Team Name Win Loss Tie Points For Against
Flyers 13 4 4 30 87 48
Penguins 12 4 5 29 71 46
Bruins 13 7 1 27 83 69
RedWings 8 11 2 18 68 79
Oilers 8 12 1 17 81 93
BlackHawks 2 18 1 5 53 110
Team Name Win Loss Tie Points For Against
Bruins 14 4 3 31 86 44
BlackHawks 11 7 3 25 85 67
Kings 10 8 3 23 67 62
Sharks 11 10 0 22 70 73
Penguins 6 12 3 15 84 103
Flyers 3 14 4 10 52 95
Team Name Win Loss Ties Points For Against
RedWings 15 4 2 32 88 53
BlackHawks 11 8 2 24 69 67
Sharks 10 7 4 24 69 57
Flyers 10 9 2 22 71 76
Stars 7 10 4 18 65 63
Canadiens 2 17 2 6 41 87
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This Week in SCOHA - Feb 14th 2017

Junior:  "Game 21"

Bruins 6 -  Redwings 4      Bruins' Glen Erskine and Greg Lintott both with two as they helped down the Red Wings led by Walt Blagdon with a pair

Penguins 1 -  Flyers 1  Battle of the hot goalies and nothing settled

Oilers 7 -  BlackHawks 1    Oilers pasted the Hawks led by Lino Ruggieri and Ryan Aikens and Dino LaPorta with two each as the help lead the slaughter Friday night


Intermediate: "Game 21"

Bruins 6 -  Flyers 0   Bruins' Garnet Wilson with shutout number #4  and Alfonse Tinebro with a pair

Blackhawks   7 -  Sharks 3   Hawks drubbed the Sharks led by Jeff Davis with the hat trick and two goals by Charlie Polizzi

Kings 7 -  Penguins 6  In a crazy game with Captain King Mike Vanderzee with a pair as did Alan Herron squeaked past the Pens led by Dave Armstrong with count them four goals  


Masters: "Game 21"

Sharks 5 -  Redwings 2   Sharks led by newbie Kevin Feist with his first two   and Wings got both by Dale Brons

Stars 6 -  Canadiens 2  Stars' John Jansen with the hat trick and Guy Shaver with a pair as they downed the last place Habs

Flyers 5 -  BlackHawks 3  Despite Danny Wilde going top shelf , the Flyers got past the Hawks . Flyers got a pair from Vince Mercuri 

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This Week in SCOHA - Jan 30th 2017

Junior:  "Game 20" 
Flyers 7 -  Blackhawks 3     Flyers led by Daryl Kator with a pair in the win and in the losing effort Dennis Cybalski with a pair 
Redwings 5 -  Oilers 3         Red Wings led by Mark Powell with a pair and the Oilers' Bryan Purins had a pair in a losing cause 
Bruins 5 -  Penguins 3         Bruins got by the Pens Friday night which were led by Greg Lintott with a pair 
Intermediate:  "Game 20" 
Penguins 8 -  Blackhawks 5   In the crazy game of the night Pens led by the big guns Brian Powell with three and Bob Tenison with a pair  as well as                                            Gary Poole and the  Hawks led by Jeff Davis with the Hat Trick 
Sharks 5 -   Flyers 2           Sharks' Nick Miscione with the hat trick and Walt Blagdon with a pair as they got by the Flyers 
Kings 2 -  Bruins 2             The Kings and Bruins could not determine a winner 
Masters: "Game 20" 
Flyers 4 -  Canadiens 3       Flyers got by the last place Habs 
Redwings 2 -  Stars 1         In a battle to the end the Wings got by the surging Stars 
Sharks 3 -  Blackhawks 2    In a key 4 point game the Sharks snapped the Hawks win streak and nipped them by one 

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This Week in SCOHA - Jan 23th 2017

Junior:                          Games 19

Pens 5 - Oilers 3    Pens' Shawn James with two goals as he helped get past the Oilers Friday night

RedWings 5 - BlackHawks 1    Wings' Mark Powell with two goals as he helped get past the hawks

Flyers 1 -  Bruins 1      Lots of saves as this game could not find a winner 

Intermediate                             Games 19

BlackHawks 5 - Kings 2     Hawks' Charlie Polizzi with the hat trick as they beat the Kings

Penguins 5 -  Fyers 3        Pens got by the Flyers in a PM filled game

Sharks 4 - Bruins 2      Sharks doubled up the Bruins on Sunday in a spirited affair

Masters                                    Games 19

BlackHawks 3 - Habs 2    Hawks kept rolling as Kevin Boyd with two more to add to his totals as they nipped an improving Habs

Stars 4  - Sharks 1     It was the Larry Litzgus show as he had all 4 as the Stars rolled the Sharks

RedWings 7 - Flyers 1   First place RedWings took apart the Flyers Dale Brons with two

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This Week in SCOHA - Jan 16th 2017

Junior:  "Game 18"
Redwings 1 -  Penguins 1   Battle of the goalies went as expected as nothing was decided on Friday night
Flyers 6 -  Oilers 3    Flyers doubled up the Oilers led by Ross Lacasse with a pair of goals, Oilers' Kyle Zimmerman had a pair in the losing cause
Bruins 4 -  Blackhawks 3     Bruins got past the Hawks and in the losing effort Dennis Cybalski had a pair
Intermediate:  "Game 18"
Penguins 6 -  Sharks 2    Pens' vet Tim Pettit with the hat trick and two helpers in front of his fan club and Bob Tenison with two goals as they beat up the Sharks
Flyers 5  - Kings 4  Flyers with a nice team win and led by Jim Lennie with the hat trick and the Kings were led by Glen Rouse with two
Bruins 4 -  Blackhawks 2  Bruins got a pair from John Hewitt and Alfonso Tinebro
Masters:  "Game 18"
Flyers 4 -  Stars 3              Flyers nipped the Stars by a goal the Flyers led by Vince Mercuri with a pair
Blackhawks 2 -  Redwings 1      Hawks' goalie Brian Deanes was seconds away from his second consecutive  SHO after making numerous acrobatic saves but the wings spoiled it by getting  a late goal. Hawks got both goals by Grant Voisin in the winning effort
Sharks 4 -  Canadiens 0       Sharks' goalie Richard Paquet with his second shutout of the season
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This Week in SCOHA - Jan 10th 2017

Junior:    "Game 17"

Penguins 4 -  Blackhawks 1   Pens had a great game Friday night with all lines firing and sneak into 1st place

Bruins 5 -  Oilers 2   Bruins had another strong game with 5 different goal scorers. Oilers' Steve Kivell with both goals in the loss

Redwings 4 -  Flyers 1  Red Wings had a spirited win and got past the Flyers

Intermediate:   "Game 17"

Kings 4 -  Sharks 1   Kings' Glen Rouse keeps rolling as he had the hat trick on Sunday

Bruins 3 -  Penguins 2  Bruins' Bob Tirnanic had two more as his stick is smoking and the playoffs are near

Flyers 3  -  Blackhawks 3  Nothing got decided as the Flyers played one of their better team games of the year

Masters:   "Game 17"

Blackhawks 2 - Stars 0   Hawks' goalie Brian Deanes stood on his head to beat the Stars Sunday, his league leading third shutout of the season

Flyers 4 -  Sharks 2   Flyers in a nice balanced attack doubled up the Sharks

Redwings 6 -  Canadiens 1  RedWings Henry Marfisi had the hat trick as the Wings took apart the struggling Habs

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This Week in SCOHA - Jan 3rd 2017

Junior:  GAME 15   Dec.23/16

Redwings 6 -  Oilers 2    RedWings led by Walter Blagdon with two goals

Flyers 6 -  Blackhawks 2  Flyers' John Spatazzo with a pair

Penguins 5 -  Bruins 1   Pens' Brian Spilak with a pair Friday night

GAME 16 Dec.30/16 

Bruins 7 -  Redwings 2   Bruins smoked the Wings led by Mark Davies with a pair and Kirk Blancher had a pair as well

Oilers 4 -  Blackhawks 1  Oilers led by Klyle Zimmerman with a pair

Penguins 4 -  Flyers 2   It was the Shawn James show as he had the hat trick as he helped take care of the Flyers


Intermediate:   GAME 16 Dec.30/16

Bruins 8 -  Flyers 4   Bruins' Bob Tirnanic was feeling the mojo on New Year's eve eve as he lit the lamp FIVE TIMES.  in a losing cause Conrad Hatrum with a pair   (Captain Dave Wichman potted a nice one as well)

Penguins 7 -  Kings 5  Pens led by Gary Guthro with a hat trick and Bob Tenison with a pair as they beat the Kings.  Kings' Glen Rouse with a hat trick of his own in a losing cause

Sharks 8 -  Blackhawks 3   Sharks pasted the Hawks as Chris Scott had 4 large Friday night and Walter Blagdon with a pair


Masters:  GAME 16 Dec.30/16

Blackhawks 5 -  Flyers 4    Down all game the Hawks did it again led by Kevin Boyd with a pair and Flyers led by Vince Mercuri with a pair

Redwings 1 -  Sharks 1     Battle of goaltending as only two goals on the night

Canadiens 2  -  Stars 2  Stars' Larry Litzgus with both goals as the Stars tied the last place Habs 

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This Week in SCOHA - Dec 19th 2016

Junior:  "Game 14"

Bruins 3 -  Flyers 1   It was the Kirk Blancher show as he had all three for the Bruins

Penguins 4 -  Oilers 1  Four separate sharp shooters did the trick for the Pens Friday night

Redwings 6 -  Blackhawks 4   RedWing's Rob Merritt with a hat trick and Rich Forster with two as they helped beat the Hawks in a losing cause had two each by Dennis Cybalski and Dan Vankleef

Intermediate:  "Game 15"

Kings 3 -  Bruins 1   Nice upset win for the Kings over the Bruins

Blackhawks 8 -  Penguins 1     In the tilted ice game of the night, Captian Dave Langille with a pair and Jeff Davis with the hat trick as the Pens got dismantled

Sharks 5 -  Flyers 2  Sharks led by Richard Forster with a pair as they got past the struggling Flyer squad that cant wait for the calendar to flip to a new year 


Masters:  "Game 15"

Sharks 6 -  Blackhawks 6     They are still talking about this one, Hawks down as much as 5-1 and 6-3 with a couple minutes left.   Kevin Boyd scores two and even had one on an old school penalty shot on a delay of game call. Sharks were led by Ghislain Piche with the hat trick. Of note for you SCOHA poolies Danny Wilde with a two game point streak****

Flyers 4 -  Canadiens 2      Flyers got a Hat trick from veteran Vince Mercuri and  the Habs look for better things in the new year 

Redwings 4 -  Stars 2   RedWings led by Henry Marfisi with a pair as they doubled up the Stars 

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This Week in SCOHA - Dec 12th 2016

Junior:  "Game 13"

Bruins 4 -  Blackhawks 3     Bruins nipped the BlackHawks who were led by Dan Vankleef with two in a losing cause

Flyers 5 -  Oilers 1   Nice balanced attack as the Flyers handled the Oilers

Redwings 3 -  Penguins 3    The Wings and Pens battled it out for a tie on Friday night


Intermediate:  "Game 14"

Sharks 5 -  Bruins 3     Sharks had 5 different goal scorers , Bruins led by Mike Miscio with a pair in a losing cause

Blackhawks 4 -  Kings 0    BlackHawks got a hat trick by Andy Rossit and Kevin Hikidi with a shutout

Flyers 2  -  Penguins 2   In the battle for last place, it made sense to end in a tie , Jim Lennie with a pair for the Flyers


Masters:  "Game 14"

Sharks 3 -  Stars 1       Sharks led by Alastair  Kermack with two as be helped upset the Stars

Blackhawks 4 -  Canadiens 1   BlackHawks with a nice team win Sunday night Kevin Boyd with two more to add to his totals and the Habs got one late to spoil the shutout

Redwings 4 -  Flyers 3   Redwings had a balanced effort with 4 goals and even President Terry Gudgeon got in on the action with one from the blue line

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This Week in SCOHA - Dec 5th 2016

Junior: (Game 12)

Flyers 4 -  Redwings 2   Flyers led by Charlie Polizzi with two as he helped in doubling up RedWings

Penguins 7 -  Blackhawks 4    Pens had 7 different goal scorers as they crunched the Hawks who got two from captain Ron Cybalski

Oilers 5 -  Bruins 3   Oilers got 5 goals from 5 different goal scorers while Kirk Blancher potted all three Bruin's goals in a losing cause.


Intermediate: (Game 13)

Blackhawks 6 -  Bruins 1   BlackHawks big upset vs the Bruins led by three with two each - Cory Beaudoin, Andy Rossit and Charlie Polizzi

Kings 4 -  Flyers 2  Kings doubled up the struggling Flyers led by Glen Rouse with two and Flyers got two from Rob Baker

Sharks 6 -  Penguins 3   More doubling as Sharks got two from Walter Blagdon and Nick Miscione and Pens got two from Tim Pettit


Masters:  ( Game 13)

Sharks 4 -  Canadiens 1     Sharks rolled over the struggling habs sunday night

Flyers 6 -  Stars 3  Flyers doubled up the stars led by Enzo Giammichel and Vince Mercuri with two each and in the losing effort Larry Litzgus with a pair

Blackhawks 6 -  Redwings 4      BlackHawks with a nice team effort in a come from behind effort led by rookie George Papadopoulos with his first of the year which was the game winner. Hawks were also led by Kevin Boyd and Grant Voisin with two goals each and also of note a very nice assist by d-man Pat McKenna  

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This Week in SCOHA - Nov 28th 2016

Junior:  "Game 11"
Oilers 6 -  Blackhawks 4  Oilers led by Dan Murphy with a hat trick and Ryan Aikens with a pair Hawks led by Dale Scott and Ron Cybalski with a pair each.
Redwings 7 -  Bruins 4  Red Wings led by Rich Forster with a pair to help down the Bruins
Penguins 5 - Flyers 3   Pens hand the Flyers their first losss of the season led by Shawn James a big 4 goal night on Friday.
Intermediate:  "Game 12"
Kings 4  - Sharks 0  KIngs' Steve Marshall and Glen Rouse each had a pair each and led by a sub goalie
Blackhawks 5 -  Flyers 3  Black  Hawks' Charlie Polizzi with a pair as he helped down the Flyers who were led by Jim Lennie with a pair
Bruins 6 -  Penguins 2 Bruins' captain Wayne Sliwinski with a pair as the Bruins  kept rolling and handled the under manned Pens
Masters: "Game 12"
Sharks 3 -  Flyers 3  Flyers score late to tie the Sharks
Stars 3 -  Blackhawks 1   Guy Shaver led the Stars over the BlackHawks with a pair of goals.  Gord Johnson had numerous saves in the Stars' win
Redwings 6 -  Canadiens 2  Red Wings led by Dale Brons, Bob Schweyer and Richard Hamilton took apart the Habs as each had a pair

2015/2016 Champs

2016 Junior Champs - Penguins
2016 Junior Champs - Penguins

2016 Int Champs - Bruins
2016 Int Champs - Bruins

2016 Masters Champs - Sharks
2016 Masters Champs - Sharks


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Week 23

Feb 10, 2017


Penguins 1 Flyers 1
Bruins 6 RedWings 4
Oilers 7 BlackHawks 1

Feb 12, 2017


BlackHawks 7 Sharks 3
Bruins 6 Flyers 0
Kings 7 Penguins 6


Flyers 5 BlackHawks 3
Stars 6 Canadiens 2
Sharks 5 RedWings 2


Week 22

Jan 27, 2017


RedWings 5 Oilers 3
Flyers 7 BlackHawks 3
Bruins 5 Penguins 3

Jan 29, 2017


Penguins 8 BlackHawks 5
Kings 2 Bruins 2
Sharks 5 Flyers 2


Flyers 4 Canadiens 3
RedWings 2 Stars 1
Sharks 3 BlackHawks 2


2016 Champs


Junior Division 30+ Championship
Penguins 7 - RedWings 2
Penguins Goals - Pat Ryan(3), Shawn James(2), Dave Braid, Brian Spilak.
RedWings Goals - Steve Ditta, Pete Tompkins
Intermediate Division 40+ Championship

Bruins 5 - Sharks 4  (OT)

Bruins Goals - Rob Baker(2), Marc Verrier, Dennis Haradyn, Alfonso Tinebra
Sharks Goals - Charlie Polizzi(2), Richard Forester, Nick Miscione
Masters Division 50+ Championship
Sharks 8 - Stars 3
Sharks Goals - Vince Mercuri(4), Guy Shaver, Ron Cooper, Ghislain Piche, Dave Cathcart.
Stars goals - Kelly Rintjema, Bruce Macdonald, Bob Tirnanic.

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