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Team Name Win Loss Tie Points GF GA
Flyers 8 3 2 18 54 33
Bruins 8 4 1 17 54 37
RedWings 7 3 3 17 55 39
BlackHawks 4 6 3 11 41 59
Oilers 5 8 0 10 45 50
Penguins  2 10 1 5 39 69
Team Name Win Loss Tie Points GF GA
Canadiens 11 1 1 23 48 29
Penguins 7 4 2 16 45 30
Leafs  7 4 2 16 51 46
Bruins 4 7 2 10 39 45
BlackHawks 3 8 2 8 38 58
Flyers  1 9 3 5 36 50
Team Name Win Loss Ties Points GF GA
Bruins 9 1 3 21 48 23
Flames 6 4 3 15 41 36
BlackHawks 5 4 4 14 30 31
Stars 6 6 1 13 30 32
Kings 6 7 0 12 35 39
Flyers 4 6 3 11 37 52
RedWings 4 8 1 9 40 43
Sharks 4 8 1 9 40 46

This Week in SCOHA – December 3rd, 2019

Spare change? Spare change?

SCOHA 2019/2020

Has there ever been a goalie with 2 shutouts in one night? Bruins' Joe Locicero shut the front door, shutting out the Stars 2-0 then filled in for the Bruins as they folded up the Sharks like a used picnic blanket by a touchdown. Great night Joe!!!

2 weeks ago we saw more spares than a 10-pin bowling tournament. This past Friday night Junior Division saw a few teams with plenty of leg room while getting changed due to guys missing but hey, it’s a busy time of year for most. I took in the Junior games Friday night and lemme tell ya, these guys can skate! Penguins got some help with a roster addition that should help. This new Ali Poshni kid has speed and can stickhandle around sidewalk ants for crying out loud. I saw a sign in the crowd that said “Poshni a Beer” so he is warming up to Penguin fans already… He was given hockey genes at an early age and I am not talking about the kind of genes you wrap a belt around. At any rate, let’s barge through the weekend that was in SCOHA.


FLYERS 4 PENGUINS 2: Flyers Mike Haslam had an Instagrammable game, scoring a pair of goals while Bob Howarth wripped home his first of the season as the Flyers wrote off the Pens 4-2. Attendance was 2 and I was one of them. Penguins Glenn Rouse scored his 3rd goal in 5 games since he signed a lucrative mid-season contract that will carry through the 2024-25 season barring any unforeseen circumstances. Rouse brings a Boston Bruins style of play to the rink each week. He goes into more corners than a vacuum attachment and carries 4 grit sandpaper each shift. Off the ice, he will stick around until the beers are all gone so no one has to carry full ones home. Spoke to Flyers defenceman Blaine “Bringer of Rain” Betzold at the rink before the game and sure enough he scored a Rick Vaive clapper from the left side for a beauty. Headlines in the Scoha news this morning read “ALL BETZ ARE OFF” as he scored his 1st of the season to go alongside an industrial size bag of assists.

OILERS 3 REDWINGS 0: Spare goalie Tim “Miami” Vissor stole this game for the Oilers, turning aside 39 shots to preserve the shutout, 3-0 over the red hot Redwings. Arena staff are still sweeping up all the losing Proline tickets after this one. Charlie Polizzi was all over the place like a squirrel under a black walnut tree, scoring twice and adding a helper for the player of the game. Once the puck dried, the Redwings packed up the bus disappointed in their play but will get a few practices in this upcoming week, go over some game tape, and will be ready for next week.

BRUINS 8 BLACKHAWKS 3: Bruins Kirk Blancher was Scory McScoreface with a hattrick as the Bruins gave the Hawks a slap in the wrist and sent them to their rooms after an 8-3 win. Hawk players on the bench had a look on their faces like they just stepped into a cold shower. They had no answers for their lopsided loss but in all fairness, they were missing 4 key players but the Bruins pulled the ripcord early and ran away with this one. Greg Lintott unwrapped a beauty of a goal for his 1st of the season while spare goalie James Fielding impressed many in the nets for the winning side. Hawks Nick Troback tallied twice in a losing cause but still took the pink copy of the game sheet home for the side of the fridge.


BLACKHAWKS 4 BRUINS 2: Hawks spun the Bruins around like laundry, beating them 4-2 and they celebrated until early hours of the night. These guys are turning their season around. Captain Dave Langille is as cool as the other side of the pillow. He has shown no panic through this tough start of the season and remained positive for the most part. Jeff Davis lit the proverbial lamp twice for the Hawks who are out of last place for the first time since before the season started. Brock Hotrum added 3 assists as he continues his pre-game tradition of eating a bacon portobello mushroom melt. He said “if it’s not about melty cheese, savoury mushrooms and crispy applewood smoked bacon, then it’s just a distraction.” Great game fellas!

CANADIENS 4 FLYERS 2: The dismal season continues for the Flyers. Their propeller is broken, they can’t fly. This time out, a 4-2 defeat to the hands of Les Habitants. Dennis “Hardy Har” Haradyn scored the eventual game winner on an absolute bardown ding dong for the Canadiens, who continue their winning ways. Bill Templeman simply did Bill Templeman things in the crease. And after the game, he always has time to to sign a puck for the yutes.

PENGUINS 5 LEAFS 0: The Leafs offered up a concrete assessment of this game by simply telling reporters they were short guys. 6 skaters just isn’t going to cut it in this day and age. 5 different players scored for the Penguins. Ken “Starsky” Hutchinson got the game puck after his goal and 2 assist night. He has it hanging off his tree for the time being..


FLYERS 2 STARS 0: As previously mentioned, Joe “The Iron Blocker” Locicero foiled the Stars 2-0 with 37 saves on the night. Robert Jacobs scored both goals for the Flyers who earned a valuable point as we near the halfway point of the season. Stars Dale Brons was a dirtbike out there, but found himself out of the game and digging into the sliced oranges early…

FLAMES 5 KINGS 2: The Flames are uh-humm burning up the league. Points in 4 out of their last 5 as they got past the Kings 5-2. Ghislain Piche tossed the puck around like a frisbee all night, scoring a hatty for the winning side. This looks like a young Joe Nieuwendyk out there with the Flames #25. I can see a great career ahead for this guy, you heard it here first…

REDWINGS 4 BLACKHAWKS 1: Hawks have lost 2 straight games, what is this world coming to? John Hewitt scored the game winner as the Redwings won 4-1. The Wings are spicy hot lately, recording at least a point in 3 straight games as they continue to climb the ranks. 8 separate players got a point in this one as they dominated the Hawks from the drop of the puck. Ed “Cow Jumped Over The” Mooney played like Terry Sawchuk out there, turning away 43 shots for the win.

BRUINS 7 SHARKS 0: As Howie Meeker often shouted, “Golly Gee Willikers!” … That’s what was heard often from the sellout crowd as Joe Locicero recorded another shutout while subbing in for the Bruins. Troy from the island of Izlakar and Mark Gillis both scored a pair of goals for the B’s while Peter Subar added 3 apples for the winners. Are these guys going to lose a game any time soon? Good grief.

Well that puts a bow on another week of SCOHA action. This week is fast approaching as more teams are starting to find their groove as they hope to continue to climb the ladder while others are getting sick of 2 a day workouts and hours of game film. Have a great rest of the week, gang! And remember… keep your stick on the ice.


Chris Marttila

This Week in SCOHA – November 26th, 2019

Dream A Little Dream

SCOHA 2019/2020

We’re all still chasing the dream of hoisting the SCOHA Championship trophy. Division standings are getting tighter than a snare drum as we approach the Christmas break. More than half of us still don’t have the damn tree up yet while others had things up 3 weeks ago, have fun with that January hydro bill… My predictions I posted before last weeks games didn’t pan out as expected but as my good buddy Wayne once said, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take…” That aside, let’s untangle the week that was in Scohario…

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This Week in SCOHA – November 19th, 2019

Fit To Be Tied

SCOHA 2019/2020

Scohaville is ready to turn up the heat as winter weather has hit us in the face like a bird on a clean window. 3 games finished in a tie which messed up several Proline tickets. Intermediate Canadiens remain on fire with their 7th straight win while other teams are continuing to have more knots than a sailboat... Fans are starting to fill the bleachers, losing their lungs cheering on their favourite Scoha heroes. Let’s peel back the onion on the week that was…

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This Week in SCOHA – November 6th, 2019

October in the books

SCOHA 2019/2020

Well the beat goes on for the Junior Redwings (5 straight wins), Intermediate Canadiens (5 straight wins), and the Masters Hawks who haven’t lost since week 3. These teams are finding their stride before the Christmas break and they aren’t about to slow down… Let’s get the tree out of the box and untangle the lights from last weekend’s action…

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2018/2019 Champs

2019 Junior Champs - Penguins

2019 Int Champs - Leafs

2019 Masters Champs - Stars

Junior Championship 
Bruins  2   VS  Penguins4              
Intermediate Championship 
Leafs  7      VS    0
Masters Championship 
Flames  1     VS      Stars  2        
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