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Gino Tittarelli

SCOHA 2005/2006
Please have Gino email Marcella/Teresa at mchristiansen@sympatico please. Went to school up north and would like to re-contact him and family!!! THANKS

Senior Division

SCOHA 2005/2006
Several people at the AGM this Thursday May 26, 2005 seemed apprehensive about starting this senior division. Despite having reached the age of 58, only being a "C" rated player and having my knees ask me to hang up the skates- I still have the desire to lace them up again and have an opportunity to continue playing with players that are closer to my ability. It seems that some feel that starting another division is too soon. We had the same concern about ten years ago when we decided to expand the league from 10 (35 and up) teams to create a second division of 10 (40 and up) teams. At the start of the season we only had 12 players per team (40 and up) signed up, but by Christmas or sooner we had a waiting list for this new division. I feel that this website needs to promote this new senior division. It will not ruin our league but make it stronger and more enjoyable for players, who up 'til now have struggled to stay competitive in the 40 and up division. There is a concern that players will be railroaded into a division that they will not want. To this I say sign up for the senior division if you think that you would enjoy participating in the game more by not having to compete against either much faster or much more skilled players than yourself. As time drags on we need to realize that our bodies are not capable of our younger year feats By the way I have immensly enjoyed over the last twelve years competing against excellent players of all abilities. I know that having played against players well above my ability has made me a better player- but it is the fact that we have had such a wide range of player abilities that has made it possible for players of my ability to enjoy the years of playing and after game commarderie. The way I see it we attain three strong divisions, still with varying levels of ability, but with three distinct levels of speed and dexterity. The senior division's time has come. So embrace it as you would your old pair of skates and favourite hockey stick. Sign up for this division so that we can help lengthen our playing years and enjoyment of this fantastic game we Canadians call ours. Submitted by Patrick Cosgrove-Team Rep for the (40 and up) 2004-2005 Championship "Kings"-looking forward to a new Goal "Senior Champions"