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It's time to get out to the game

SCOHA 2004/2005

Summer is past. The leaves are falling and it's a great time of year. It's Definitely, Hockey season. There is one change this year that some people may not be aware of. Every team must play with only their own roster. This is a positive thing because now you know the true strength of each team. The only issue is that if you signed up to play this year you must make a commitment to get out to the games. Your team needs you and you're missing out on a great time.

See you at the rink!

Pat makes a good point and then Bill does too

SCOHA 2004/2005

Pat makes a good point in the previous post. I didn't want to bury my comment so I posted a new item. I can't post scores to the web site when I get sheets that don't have team names on them.

This week there was one with home and visitors as the team names. The Kings played somebody, but they were too ashamed to put their team name on the sheet. Last week , the Leafs played Mikes Mean Green ????? Not to be outdone, Smith played Standais (not my spelling ...)

In week 1, the Canadians played an unknown team as did the Blues!

Guys !!!! gimme a break, this is pretty simple.

Upcoming Events - Dates to Remember

SCOHA 2004/2005

Dates you need to know -

August 1st, 2004  - Deadline for forms for returning players - new registrations will be accepted  after that date.

August 24th - 7:00pm Sharp - Both Divisions Draft Night @ Valley Park

September 10th - League starts !!!

April 9th, 2005 - Old Fools Tourney

We're working on the schedule - but we have to wait for confirmation from the city on dates.

Update - Both The A and B division schedules are now available.

If you have a sweater from last year - please bring it to the arena the first week - we are short quite a few.