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Name Preferred Position Preferred Division
Bill Curran Center Masters(55+)
Marc Verrier R Wing Masters(55+)
Terry Gudgeon R Defence Masters(55+)
Joe LoCicero Goalie Masters(55+)
Stephen Paglia R Wing Intermediate(40-54)
Ken Zrobok L Defence Masters(55+)
PETER SUBAR Center Masters(55+)
Mike Lubrick R Wing Masters(55+)
Steve Boschman L Wing Intermediate(40-54)
Brian Watson Center Masters(55+)
TIM Manning Center Masters(55+)
Brad Ballman Goalie Intermediate(40-54)
Paul Shorer R Wing Masters(55+)
Tymen Edelkoort Jr. Goalie Masters(55+)
Domenic Chiarini L Defence Masters(55+)
Troy Izlakar Center Masters(55+)
Mike Guitard L Defence Masters(55+)
Darren Corneau Center Masters(55+)
Steven Cromwell Center Intermediate(40-54)
LEE PAULE L Wing Masters(55+)
Gerard Hass L Wing Masters(55+)
Jason Anderson R Wing Masters(55+)
Gary Guthro Center Masters(55+)
Dave Jarvis L Wing Masters(55+)
grant voisin L Wing Masters(55+)
Ken Wiersma L Wing Masters(55+)
BRUNO DIGIOVANNI L Wing Masters(55+)
Ernie Dunston L Wing Masters(55+)
Steve Saulnier Center Masters(55+)
Patrick McAleese L Wing Masters(55+)
Luigi Chiarini Goalie Masters(55+)
Brian Deanes Goalie Masters(55+)
Gregg Hutchinson L Defence Masters(55+)
Jason Aguanno Center Intermediate(40-54)
Chris Martilla L Wing Intermediate(40-54)
Wayne Hartwell L Defence Intermediate(40-54)
John Carvalho Jr Center Junior (25-40)
Ryan Chard Center Junior (25-40)
Ron Hall R Wing Masters(55+)
Bruce Gunby L Wing Masters(55+)
Andrew Fedoruk Center Junior (25-40)
Guy Shaver Center Masters(55+)
Len Brown L Defence Masters(55+)
ALEX GREYCHUCK Goalie Masters(55+)
Paul Opie L Wing Masters(55+)
DJ Brons L Defence Masters(55+)
Richard William Forster Center Intermediate(40-54)
Brad Ballman Goalie Intermediate(40-54)
J.J. MacNeil Goalie Masters(55+)
Richard Paquet Goalie Masters(55+)
Chris Scott L Wing Intermediate(40-54)
Justin Bisson L Wing Junior (25-40)
Yves Bisson R Wing Junior (25-40)
Yves Bisson R Wing Intermediate(40-54)
Glenn Mannella L Defence Intermediate(40-54)
David Cathcart R Wing Masters(55+)
Bruno Santonato Goalie Intermediate(40-54)
Tony Vastano R Wing Masters(55+)
marc bellehumeur Center Intermediate(40-54)
Dino Giudice R Wing Intermediate(40-54)
Steve Kivell L Wing Masters(55+)
Robert Di Giovanni R Wing Masters(55+)
Justin Deschatelets R Defence Junior (25-40)
Marc Poulin R Wing Intermediate(40-54)
Frank Jambrosich R Wing Masters(55+)
Al Granata R Defence Intermediate(40-54)
Dave Armstrong Center Masters(55+)
Steve Watt Center Masters(55+)
Ric Clark L Wing Intermediate(40-54)
Richard Jolliffe L Defence Masters(55+)
Massimo Pizzingrilli L Wing Masters(55+)
Matt Hartwick Goalie Intermediate(40-54)
Michael Haslam Center Junior (25-40)
Nick Polimeni L Defence Masters(55+)
Mike Miscio Center Intermediate(40-54)
Bernard Boulianne Center Masters(55+)
Jason hoffman R Wing Intermediate(40-54)
Dave Langille Center Masters(55+)
Alastair Kermack R Wing Masters(55+)
Frank Sergi R Defence Masters(55+)
Stephane Rioux L Wing Intermediate(40-54)
Terry Hughes L Wing Masters(55+)
Bob Wallace L Defence Masters(55+)
Bill Foley Center Intermediate(40-54)
Brock hotrum L Wing Intermediate(40-54)
Mike Archer L Wing Masters(55+)
Andrew Clayton R Defence Masters(55+)
Jim Bartlett L Wing Masters(55+)
Keith Gear R Wing Masters(55+)
Conrad Hotrum Center Intermediate(40-54)
Ross Lacasse Center Junior (25-40)
Jeff Davis R Wing Junior (25-40)
Jeff Davis R Wing Intermediate(40-54)
Ryan Maybrey L Defence Intermediate(40-54)
Jason Hoffman L Wing Intermediate(40-54)
Paul McGraw R Defence Intermediate(40-54)
Shaun Wahlman L Defence Intermediate(40-54)
LARRY LITZGUS Center Masters(55+)
Chris Baratto Center Masters(55+)
Dennis Klander L Wing Intermediate(40-54)
Kyle Falkins R Wing Intermediate(40-54)
MARK GALLAGHER R Wing Masters(55+)
MIKE CHRISTENSEN R Defence Masters(55+)
Dennis Haradyn L Wing Junior (25-40)
Dennis Haradyn L Wing Intermediate(40-54)
GORDON BRYCE L Defence Masters(55+)
Alan Herron Center Intermediate(40-54)
Mike Vanderzee L Wing Masters(55+)
Munish baranowski R Defence Masters(55+)
ENZO GIAMMICHELE L Wing Masters(55+)
David Mercer L Defence Junior (25-40)
Eric Sippel R Defence Masters(55+)
Bill Kircos L Defence Masters(55+)
Darren Jolliffe R Defence Masters(55+)
Wayne Sliwinski Center Intermediate(40-54)
Michael Hawes R Defence Masters(55+)
Shaun Tompkins R Defence Junior (25-40)
Taylor Tompkins L Wing Junior (25-40)
Peter Tompkins L Wing Junior (25-40)
Cory Hall L Wing Junior (25-40)
greg lintott L Defence Junior (25-40)
Joe Muchynski Center Masters(55+)
Nick Mol L Defence Junior (25-40)
John Habros L Wing Masters(55+)
ken Hutchinson L Defence Intermediate(40-54)
Doug Moulton Center Junior (25-40)
Doug Moulton Center Intermediate(40-54)
Dale Scott R Wing Masters(55+)
Scott Maki L Defence Masters(55+)
Gord Johnson L Wing Masters(55+)
Ted Marszalek Goalie Masters(55+)
Dwayne Kavanagh L Wing Intermediate(40-54)
Veljko gavric R Wing Intermediate(40-54)
Al Angelone L Defence Masters(55+)
Dan McLaughlin Center Masters(55+)
Steve Smith Center Masters(55+)
Terry Lee R Wing Masters(55+)
Bob Tirnanic Center Masters(55+)
Dave Graham R Defence Masters(55+)
Nick Miscione Center Masters(55+)
Ghislain Piche Center Masters(55+)
Justin Pedersen L Wing Junior (25-40)
Denis Whitwell Center Masters(55+)
danny gabriele R Wing Masters(55+)
Howie Micks Center Masters(55+)
Ron Cooper L Wing Masters(55+)
Ed Venema R Defence Masters(55+)
Brian Foley Center Masters(55+)
Bob Wachniuk L Defence Masters(55+)
Ron Ferracuti L Wing Masters(55+)
Sam Carubba Center Masters(55+)
Kelly Rintjema L Wing Masters(55+)
Paul Leger L Defence Masters(55+)
John Elter Center Masters(55+)
Frank Bortolin R Wing Masters(55+)
Pail Buzzeli L Wing Masters(55+)
Bruce Macdonald L Defence Masters(55+)
Peter Fantauzzo Center Masters(55+)
John Toth L Defence Masters(55+)
Joe De Faria Goalie Masters(55+)
Jim Swick L Wing Masters(55+)
Stan Breznicar L Defence Masters(55+)
john jansen R Wing Masters(55+)
Tony Felice L Defence Masters(55+)
Ryan French R Defence Junior (25-40)
Brian Spilak L Defence Intermediate(40-54)
Charlie Polizzi Center Intermediate(40-54)
Sean Riley R Wing Junior (25-40)
Sean Riley R Wing Intermediate(40-54)
Antun Topolovec Goalie Intermediate(40-54)
Andrew Tomljenovic Goalie Intermediate(40-54)
Paul George R Defence Masters(55+)
Mike Rostecki R Wing Junior (25-40)
Guy Romeo L Defence Masters(55+)
Henry Marfisi Center Masters(55+)
Andy Rossit R Defence Masters(55+)
Tim Visser Goalie Masters(55+)
STEVE HORNER R Wing Masters(55+)
Steve Cutbert Goalie Intermediate(40-54)
Cory Herbert R Defence Intermediate(40-54)
JOHN CARVALHO R Defence Masters(55+)
Paul Cleary Center Intermediate(40-54)
al oddie R Defence Masters(55+)
Blaine Betzold L Defence Intermediate(40-54)
Blaine Betzold L Defence Junior (25-40)
Tyler NIcholson Center Junior (25-40)
Ed Walton Center Masters(55+)
Duane Marzi R Wing Junior (25-40)
Ryan Haslam Center Junior (25-40)
Alfonso Tinebra Center Masters(55+)
Brent Haslam Center Junior (25-40)
Steve Cuthbert Goalie Junior (25-40)
Angelo Fidanza L Wing Junior (25-40)
Chris Baliva Center Junior (25-40)
Jeff Foster L Defence Junior (25-40)
DEVON FRIESEN L Defence Junior (25-40)
Kyle Allen L Wing Junior (25-40)
Steven Ditta Center Junior (25-40)
Mike Czepita R Defence Intermediate(40-54)
William Reid L Wing Masters(55+)
Jeffrey Barry R Wing Junior (25-40)
Peter Carusi L Wing Junior (25-40)
Farhan Shakil Goalie Junior (25-40)
mark powell Center Intermediate(40-54)
Mike LeBlanc Center Intermediate(40-54)
Bill innes L Wing Intermediate(40-54)
Mauris Cecca L Defence Intermediate(40-54)
Mauris Cecca L Defence Intermediate(40-54)
Matt Hartwick Goalie Intermediate(40-54)
Matt Hartwick Goalie Intermediate(40-54)
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