This Week in SCOHA – March 18th, 2020


SCOHA 2019/2020

Well we all have hope the season will finish but from this end of the ice, it doesn’t look good. More cases than Budweiser has ever seen, people travelling here while infected with the coronies, who know’s what will happen next. My cat Nuffers sneezed the other night, we put her in quarantine for 8 minutes, good luck trying to get a mask on her. Anyways, trying to predict when we will play again is like trying to row a kayak in a hurricane.

Good thing we have Guy Shaver reporting in from the rink parking lot. Highlight of his day is when the bus pulls into the arena parking lot once an hour. Each time it stops, there’s a few less riders for him to wave at. Guy says nothing’s happening at the quad pad. He wonders if the ice is melting in there. He found a tennis ball in the garden which means hours of fun keeping in shape after all the McDonald’s Shamrock milkshakes he consumed over the past 4 days. We will check back in on Guy in a few days as he continues to camp out during our lockout… 

Good news is that the complete playoff run by the Raptors last year will be replayed every night starting on March 20th rotating on tsn and Sportsnet each night. At least it’s something, fellas.

Other than that, things are pretty dry in Scohaville, players are snapping at the smallest thing, we are all gaining weight at the same time so it won’t be a disadvantage for anyone when games resume. League President Terry Gudgeon remains optimistic but we will await word from him. Expect an announcement soon regarding the tournament..

Stay safe, folks, we will chat soon.
Chris Marttila

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