This Week in SCOHA – March 15th, 2020


For the many fans that showed up to watch the Junior Division games Friday night, you left the rink wondering if there will be any more hockey for a while. Sure enough, the city pulled the plug on our playoffs by shutting arenas and all other rec centres. Now we have to binge-watch 8 seasons of whatever the hell it’s called until the arena lights go on again. Never mind asking if your buddy left the fan on, we all need to make sure the hands are washed so we don’t spread the coronies off to another person. Anyways, let’s look at Friday’s action on a night where all teams skated their legs into the ground. On Saturday morning, here wasn’t a thigh without rub a535 on it from what I’ve been hearing. Oh, and my game sheets are in lockdown in the locker at the rink so bear with me for this blog…


FLYERS 6 PENGUINS 5: After a scare in the 1st period involving a key Flyer player, the team rallied behind their wiley veteran and held off the Penguins 6-5. The news wasn’t bad at all for the Penguins who managed to squeak through to the semi finals due to goal plus/minus total. The Penguins partied it up at the bar afterward as if they just won the big Wintario jackpot. Next day reports came in that Terry Davidson was feeling better and gave our TSN cameras a thumbs up.

OILERS 6 BRUINS 5: If anyone watched this game live or on Sportsnet, you were treated to a dandy. More ups and downs than a toilet seat after a dinner at the modern Indian buffet. Many people watching this one were pretty impressed at the speed of this game. Both team’s defencemen could skate a lake and not be tired for crying out loud.

Truth is, the Bruins didn’t make it through, neither did the Blackhawks. I told you the Pens would replace their ink and light it up in the playoffs… this thing is up for grab’s folks.

BLACKHAWKS 5 REDWINGS 4: Hawks flew out to a 4-1 lead and just hung on to beat the Redwings. Both teams were missing their star players but everyone else picked up the slack in this barn burner. The rink almost tipped over from all the fans gathered to watch from this rink. Everyone pounding on the glass from upstairs cheering, it looked like 20 kids trying to wake up a hippo at the damn zoo. Bit of an off-night for superstar goalie Al “sour cream and onion” Ringer but he talked to reporters after the game (with his mask on) and assured he will be a lot better next time…

Afterwards, players from all 6 teams flocked upstairs to share their thoughts on the great night of action and the potential work stoppage on the ice. Mood was a bit somber in anticipation as was evident from the barkeeps on site that night. I mean they were showing a 1992 Raptors game on the television sets for god sake. For the meantime, all we can do is wait. Master’s forward Guy Shaver is camping out at the arena parking lot until we can play again so I will be checking back in with Guy on Tuesday with an update on how things are transpiring. So ya… that’s it from this end of the ice, hope to see everyone soon. There’s tons of vintage NHL action on youtube unless your wife has her claws on the remote and you get to watch all 8 seasons of 90210 or if you’re lucky, a binge watch of Ally frikkin McBeal.

Stay tuned on here for league updates and comments from our new cub reporter Guy Shaver throughout the lockout…

Stay safe, fellas.

Chris Marttila

Stoney Creek Oldtimers Hockey Association