This Week in SCOHA - Oct.1st, 2018

Week 4 recap:

Junior Division:

PENGUINS 7 OILERS 5 – What does Ross Lacasse and a magician have in common? They both do hat tricks. And that helped the Penguins waddle away with a 7-5 victory over the Oilers.  Bob Tirnanic added a goal and 3 assists for the Pens. Mark Powell powered the losing side with 2 goals and an assist but it wasn’t enough.

FLYERS 6 BRUINS 3 – Walt Blagdon is on fire! The Beyonce of performances so far this season if Beyonce played men’s league hockey. Another 3 goals gives him 10 already. 7 penalties called in this one as play got spicier than a pumpkin ale. 3 assists for Doug Moulton also propelled the Flyers to the win.

BLACKHAWKS 6 REDWINGS 4 – Ron Cybalski stuck a fork into the Redwings with 4 goals and an assist as the Blackhawks held off the Redwings in front of a small but enthusiastic crowd. Things got a bit dusty with another 7 penalty game, must be the change in the weather. When reporters asked Cybalski about his great game, he replied, “Most players skate to the puck, I skate to where it is going to be.”

Intermediate Division:

BLACKHAWKS 5 CANADIENS 3 – Charlie Polizzi notched a pair of beauties and 8 different players found the score sheet as the Hawks upended the struggling Canadiens 5-3. No one was talking to reporters in the Habs room after the game except Rob Baker who is maintaining patience this early in the season. 4 broken sticks were seen in the Canadiens locker room garbage pail post game.

LEAFS 7 BRUINS 3 – Bob Tenison had a cappuccino before the game, went out there and lit the lamp 3 times as the Leafs folded up the Bruins like a used picnic blanket. Bruins vow to go over some game film and are guaranteeing fans a win next week. Another strong game in the crease by “Battlin” Bill Templeman who is doing his best Mike Palmateer impression this year for the Leafs.

FLYERS 6 PENGUINS 4 – Conrad Holtrum sniped a pair and yours truly went top shelf where Mama doesn’t dust as the Flyers held on for the big win. Flyers were up 5-1 heading into the 2nd stanza before Dennis Haradyn sealed the deal. Steve Smith inked 2 goals for the Pens as the comeback fell a bit short.

Masters Division:

FLAMES 4 KINGS 1 – John Jansen wasn’t jingle heimer smith-ing around on this night as he scored a pair of goals to spark the flames to a 4-1 win. When asked about the attention to defence, Jansen added, “Offence sells tickets but a great defence wins Championships.” Meanwhile, over in the Kings locker room, Al Angelone, playing in a contract year,  said his right skate had a small knick in it which hampered things out there.

BRUINS 8 FLYERS 1 – Two good teams met in the schoolyard but the Bruins had all the answers, winning 8-1 in front of a pro-Flyers crowd who went home disappointed. Gary Guthro was all over the place with 2 goals and 2 apples while Gerard Hass been playing well lately, also scoring 2 goals. For the Flyers, Joe Venditti was closely kept in check after last week’s heroics that drew a few oooh’s and awww’s from the Flyer faithful.

STARS 5 REDWINGS 2 – Pat McAleese and Guy Shaver both scored for the Stars who knocked off the 1st place Redwings 5-2 on a night that Stars players began to see their season turning around after an 0-3 start. Stars’ Chris Baratto post game, “Things weren’t all hugs and kisses to start the season but we all dug deep and played a great game tonight. Give that other locker room credit they skated damn hard. Deaner made a ton of big saves early and we all played as a team. Day off tomorrow then it’s back to business to get ready for next week.”

SHARKS 7 BLACKHAWKS 3 – Seven different players found the back of the net as the Sharks took a bite out of the Hawks 7-3. Robert DiGiovanni scored twice for the Hawks but the loss drops them to 0-4 to start the campaign. Hawks Bill Kircos spoke to the media after the game, “Our record isn’t worth a bag of olives, we are playing well but just aren’t getting any luck around the net. We have a confident locker room and the guys will be ready to battle next week.”

That’s all from this end of the ice...

Chris Marttila

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