This Week in SCOHA - March 6th 2017

First game of round robin


Penguins 5 - Redwings 4 - Almost a big upset to start the playoffs as the Pens did get by the Wings by a goal

Flyers 6 - Oilers 2 - Flyers' Ross Lacasse had a pair and Sean Riley chipped in with three helpers as they beat up the Oil

Bruins 6 - Blackhawks 2 - Bruins got two goals each from Corey Hall and Glen Erskine.


Bruins 4 - Sharks 3 - It was the Wayne Sliwinski show with all four goals to get by the Sharks

Penguins 7 - Blackhawks 5 - In the mega upset of the night, the Pens' Al Granata with two goals, and Dave Armstrong four assists And for the losing Hawks Charlie Polizzi one goal and three assists

Flyers 2 - Kings 0 in the other mega upset of the night, the last place Flyers with clutch goaltending by Etien Venne with the shutout.


Redwings 5 - Flyers 3 - First place Wings with two goals each from Ian Hamilton and Bob Schweyer. For the Flyers, they got two goals from Ron Hall

Sharks 4 - Stars 2 -The Sharks continue to be on a roll as they had four separate scorers to down the Stars.

Blackhawks 4 - Canadiens 4 -What was going to be the mega upset of the season, the last place Habs and some hot goaltending were up 4-1 with only 2:04 left in the game . Then it all unfolded the Hawks' Grant Voisin got a pair of clutch goals and Mark Shadwell got a goal to tie it up. Its now being called and talked about in some circles as the greatest comeback in sports hockey/sports history . The Habs' Pete Fantauzzo with two

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