This Week in SCOHA - Feb 15 2016


Penguins - 6   Blackhawks - 4     Pens once again lead by league leading sniper Shawn James with the Hat Trick and Dave Braid had two goals as they outlasted the Black Hawks Friday night

Redwings - 7   Flyers - 2     In the smashing of the night the Wings took apart the Flyers led by Bryan Purins with a Hat Trick and Rob Merritt with two and Dave Holmes with two as well

Oilers - 3   Bruins - 2  In a tight game that was decided by a goal the Oilers got past the Bruins



Kings - 3   Sharks - 3      In the only tie of the weekend ,  Sharks led by Nick Miscione with two goals  and Kings had Dave Johnson with two goals of his own

Penguins - 7   Bruins - 4    Pens light the lamp 7 times. Steve Smith with the Hat Trick as they beat up the Bruins. The Bruins' Wayne Sliwinski had a pair

Blackhawks - 6   Flyers - 2  Black Hawks' Troy Izlakar had two of the 6 goals for the Hawks as they added to the Flyers' tough season



Stars - 6   Blackhawks - 4        With some fresh line combos the Stars broke out of the funk led by Grant Voisin with  two goals as the Stars finally beat the Black Hawks Sunday afternoon.    Hawks led by Bill Kirkos with two goals for the losing side

Sharks - 4   Flyers - 2   six different goal scorers Sunday evening  as the Sharks won this match  up

Canadiens - 4   Devils - 2    Habs led by Henry Marfisi with two as they beat the struggling Devils 


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