Team Captains Meeting

SCOHA 2006/2007

On January 16th @ 8:30pm-The Lookout Lounge the executive will be having a meeting with the team captains from both divisions.

It is important that all team captains or a designate attend. We will be discussing the following items:

  1. The First annual SCOHA golf tournament.
  2. The 2007 play-off format.
  3. The 2007 Old Fools tournament on April 20-23, 2007.
  4. New business

We look forward to seeing all of the captains at the meeting.

Thank You,

Joe LoCicero

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Why is the entire Predators team being punnished because of the executives decision to ban one of their players from finishing the season? SCOHA made a concious decision at the beginning of the year to allow the banned player to re-join the league and be drafted fully aware that there might be a problem. Regardless of the leagues decision to ban him, he was our leading goal scorer and being told that we cannot replace him with an equal calibre player is not fair to the remainder of the team, especially during the playoffs. The executive may have the right to ban the player but not at the expense of penalizing the entire team.