Attention SCOHA Membership: RE: Proper behavior to officials

SCOHA 2005/2006
It has come to my attention that last night a player in our association displayed inappropriate behavior to a minor official after a game was curfewed due to time. The player was yelling profanities at the minor official (Time keeper) and this will not be tolerated. An appropriate punishment will be assessed for this infraction. The young people that keep time for us or any official are not to be treated in this fashion. We only have finite amount of ice time and games must be curfewed if they go over their allotted time. Effective immediately, 17 minutes will be put on the clock and it will start running once the zamboni leaves the ice. The best way we can prevent curfews from happening is to be ready to play once the zamboni leaves the ice. Let’s all understand that we are playing men’s old-timer hockey and act accordingly. Respectfully yours, Joe LoCicero Joe LoCicero President-SCOHA

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