Marty’s Matchups for Week 14

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This week's matchups ...

Junior Division Game of the Week
FLYERS (8-3-2) vs BRUINS (8-4-1)
The Haslam gang plans on ruining Christmas for the Bruins as the two teams face off at 8pm Friday night. I wish someone would Facebook Live this game so we can all watch in our flannel pajamas with a bowl of Redenbockers and a cold soda. Meanwhile, at the other end of the ice, keep an eye on Bruins big guns Justin Mol and Kyle Tunis who plan on chugging back a few Jolt Colas before hitting the ice. I am predicting a 3-1 Bruin victory. The B’s are hungry and their fridge is empty.

Intermediate Division Game of the Week
BRUINS (4-7-2) vs LEAFS (7-4-2)
We are all looking forward to this game like Guy Fieri looks forward to crushing bbq pulled pork sandwiches until his top button taps out. The Bruins have a combination of Wayne Slewinski, Tim Pettit and Brian “Hydro One” Powell who can all put the puck in the net. The Leafs aren’t no slouch with Alan “Pickled” Herron and Nino Magliaro leading the way for the blue and white. Prediction you ask? Leafs will win a high scoring affair 7-5 with a tidal wave of goals coming from both teams…
SUNDAY 9pm CityTV SportsnetOne

Masters Division Game of the Week
FLAMES (6-4-3) vs STARS (6-6-1)
Flames Ghislain Piche finished 2nd to that Canadian tennis girl for athlete of the year so he has something to prove on Sunday night. Stars’ Dale Brons plans on having a big game after his comments at practice on Wednesday yelling at cameras “We are going to crush the Flames… we are the Jedi, they are the grasshopper”. He then grabbed the microphone and dropped it, gangster style. That being said, I believe the Stars will come out victorious, 4-1.
SUNDAY 6pm HGTV Disney+

Good luck, fellas!
Chris Marttila

Stoney Creek Oldtimers Hockey Association