This Week in SCOHA – October 1st, 2019

Wake up call - Green Day

There’s no question the rivalries are heating up. Some teams are trying to start a campfire in a soggy firepit but will find their stride soon, it’s a long season. Let’s peel back the onion from the weekend that was in Scohaville.


OILERS 4 BLACKHAWKS 2: “Ironman” Mike Czepita scored two goals that had half the buildings eyeballs fall out as the Oilers slipped past the Blackhawks 4-2 in front of a partisan Oiler crowd Friday night. Charlie Polizzi helped out with a pair of apples for the winners. Hawks Ron Cybalski comes to play every night. Another pair of assists as he looks to win the scoring crown this season.

PENGUINS 4 REDWINGS 3: Jeff Barry could’ve used a Nerf stick out there. He scored a pair of goals as his Penguins won their first of the season, a hard fought 4-3 victory over the Redwings. Bill Foley saucered the puck all over the damn place, adding 2 assists for the winning side. This guy could backhand the puck across the parking lot, through each vehicle, with the windows down. Challenge issued. Redwings got a deuce from Dino Laporta, who continues to light the lamp more than that genie on Aladdin for crying out loud, scored 2 goals and an assist in a losing cause.

BRUINS 4 FLYERS 1: Kevin Blancher had 2 Monster energy drinks and could’ve pulled the zamboni around the rink with one arm. He scored 2 beauts as the Bruins kept atop the standings with a 4-1 win over the Flyers. Peter Thompkins is a whirling dervish out there. His ski expedition stories are second to none. Add another 2 assists to his season totals.


LEAFS 4 BRUINS 3: The mighty have fallen. Bruins finally lost a game as the Leafs, led by Nino Magliaro with 2 goals. They gave him the game puck after the game for his mantle piece, way to go Nino! Bruins’ Brian Powell can score from the front lobby. He scores 2 goals in a losing cause. Etienne Viene filled in for the Leafs goalie and stood on his ear lobes all damn night.

PENGUINS 4 FLYERS 2: Pens’ Walter Domingos scored a pair of goals as the Penguins downed the Flyers 4-2. Steve Cuthbert played a great game in net for the winners, made the difference, as the Flyers slipped to 0-3-1 to start the year. Flyers had so many chances but things exploded like uncovered soup in the microwave.

CANADIENS 4 BLACKHAWKS 3: The Blackhawks aren’t at the point of smashing their $300 sticks over the garbage can but they are stumped at the fact they are still searching for their first win. The Canadiens came from behind and beat the Hawks 4-3 showing that they are a force to be reckoned with this season.


BRUINS 6 FLAMES 3: The Bruins threw a bucket of water on the Flames 6-2 with 6 different players scoring for the winners. Bruins sit tied with the Stars atop the standings while the Flames are comfortably in the middle of the pack with plenty of games left to rise to the top because heat rises.. get it.. Flames.. heat.. oh forget it.

FLYERS 5 REDWINGS 4: Dave Armstrong folded up the Redwings like a PEI map, scoring a hatty as his Flyers hung on for the win. 9 penalties called in this spirited affair. John Hewitt and Dino Cortina had a pair of goals for the Redwings in a losing cause. Redwings are playing some good hockey but are still looking for their first W.

BLACKHAWKS 4 KINGS 1: Steady Eddie Venema came to play. The powerful Hawks forward was brought in for one purpose and one purpose only. Put the damn puck in the net. He delivered and many Proline players went home happy as the Blackhawks upended the Kings 4-1. Back to the drawing board for a positive Kings locker room.

SHARKS 1 STARS 1: Wow, what a defensive battle between the Sharks and Stars! Brian Deanes and Richard Paquet saved the day more than a Sars mask. Stars Bill Curran and Sharks Guy Shaver showed some “Braun” and potted a goal for their respective teams. Think a 1-1 tie is as boring as watching corn grow? No way, tons of action in this one. The edge of the couch cushion is wore out from sitting on it.

Well that wraps up another week of SCOHA play for another week. Big thanks for the players who stopped by our makeshift podcast Sunday night to share some laughs: Bill Kircos, Bob Schweyer, Tim Pettitt to name a few. Good luck this weekend, gang!

Chris Marttila

Stoney Creek Oldtimers Hockey Association