SCOHA Summer Update – July 9, 2019

Surf's up

Go ahead, have seconds at the bbq, we still have plenty of time before off-season regiments are handed out by team captain’s. With about a month before the big SCOHA Draft, several players are contacting their agents to see how much wiggle room their teams have to re-sign them or opt for free agency. Some players had great turnaround seasons last year and will be demanding bigtime cash while other’s stats sagged a bit.

Junior division Redwings workhorse Ryan Aikens has been running up and down Battlefield Park stairs every day. This guy is going to break all SCOHA point records next season, you heard it here first. Oilers captain Steve Ditta is contemplating his roster already and reports say he has had a few conversations with other teams. He is remaining tight lipped on those chats, let the speculations begin. Kawai would he mess with that roster!!!

Sub player of the year Dino Laporta has been lazing in the sun at Laporta Backyarda and hopes to play for 8 teams this upcoming year! Good player! He is the top UFA out there by a mile!

Those Haslam brothers have been upping the training. Running in circles around the pool for more leg strength. These guys are eager to start the season. They trampled opposing teams like boots on carpenter ants all last year. Looking to repeat as champs! They are like the 80’s Stastny’s…

Rumour has it some teams are ready to peel back the onion and start all over after a dismal season while others are looking to upgrade for a SCOHA dynasty team. We caught up with Intermediate Flyers chief Dave Wichman on the golf course after his team’s awful championship to the Leafs. “We didn’t finish the season the way we envisioned. We will meet with team brass and assess each player and make some decisions on draft day. I would be lying if I said my phone hasn’t been ringing but we will see what happens. We are always looking at improving our hockey club on the ice and character players in the locker room.”

Bruins Wayne Sliwinski has been running the Kenilworth stairs daily in anticipation of a rebound season. When reached for comment, he said, “No questions, I have 3 more trips of the stairs to finish in 8 minutes….”

Leafs goalie Bill Templeman was seen at a local paint ball field deflecting paint balls away with his blocker on, similar to his play most of last season.

Meanwhile, in the Master’s division, Bruins goaltender Joe Locicero has been working on his off season program, throwing a tennis ball up against the wall and catching it in his goalie glove since May. Flyers John Toth has promised he wil be using an even longer stick this upcoming season that will stretch the width of the damn rink so good luck getting around him, good grief.

Bruins’ Dale Brons was last seen at Hutch’s on the beach chirping the seagulls driving them crazy on the beach. He has been training since the last horn went so watch for a solid season from this guy.

Well that’s all the notes I have so far this off-season. We hope any injuries are healing well and we see them back on the ice and up at the canteen hanging out with all of us.


Chris Marttila

Stoney Creek Oldtimers Hockey Association