This Week in SCOHA – April 2nd, 2019

Semi-Final Action

These playoffs are blowing everyone's hair back. Unfortunately some more than others. Semi final weekend had tv ratings skyrocket while popcorn and soda were in very high demand at the arena. Shout out to Mary, the waitress upstairs, who is back from maternity leave! Let's unzip this past weekends action.



Bruins 2 Redwings 1 (shootout): Does anyone have a vhs copy of this game for my collection? The shootout had more rounds than a Friday night at the Day Night Tavern for crying out loud. When the dust settled, Bruins Geoff Chowen scored to advance his team to the cup finals. Slicker than spray butter on a hardwood floor. What a game for the ages.


Penguins 3 Oilers 2: Ross Lacasse scored the game winner with 35 ticks left to lift the Pens into the finals. These teams couldn't be any more even than a pair of lime green socks. Great season, Oilers!



Flyers 5 Blackhawks 2: This game saw more up and down action that a Taco Bell toilet seat. In the end, the Flyers newly adapted ferocious attack on the puck had Hawk players frustrated. Flyers defense was tighter than a hen's arse all game, and Tymen made all the right saves. Steve "magic sleeves" Kivell with a hatty while Jay "oven mitts" Hoffman dropped a deuce for the winners. Special thanks to Jamison for the post game samples...


Leafs 5 Bruins 2: Bob Tenison stepped on the Bruins heads in the shallow end. 3 goals to blow by the Bruins 5-2 and skate right into the finals. The Bruins played a good game, never rolled over, just ran into a hot goaltender in Bill "don't call me a temp" Templeman. Bruins have some cap space issues heading into this summer but captain Wayne Sliwinski says he has already started preparing for draft day.



Stars 3 Blackhawks 2: This one was crazier than the time Ozzy ate a damn pigeon. 2 powerplays in overtime had all 8 fans jumping up and down like their frisbee was stuck in a tree. In the end, Stars Kelly "bigtime celly"  Rintjema was the ot hero with 30 seconds left in the extra frame. Both goalies played like it was game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals, dialed in like the big yellow bag of dirt guy that keeps calling my damn house.


Flames 4 Sharks 2: The Flames threw a stink bomb on the Sharks season with a 4-2 win. Stan "the man" Breznicar with 2 snipes led the way for the red hot Flames who will move on to face the Stars for the cup.


This slugger has a work trip to attend so i will unfortunately miss championship weekend. Good luck to those playing in the finals and i hope everyone has a great summer. Its been a fun season chirping you all on here!

Chris Marttila

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