This Week in SCOHA – February 18th, 2019

Getting real in the Masters division

Lots of catching up to do as my work was busier than a one-legged ass kicker last week, apologies for not getting a blog up. This week we saw the Masters Division finish up regular season play. Standings in all divisions are tighter than security for a presidential motorcade. I also want to wish Intermediate Bruins’ Tim Pettit a speedy recovery from his injury sustained last week, get back out there soon, buddy! Also, Master’s player Richard Hamilton who broke his leg back in week 7 was spotted walking around in the press box last Sunday. Very good news, Richard! Last week Flames goalie Ed “Cow Jumped Over The” Mooney got a big time shutout and collected the player of the game toonie. 20 years ago that would’ve got you 40 gummy bears at the Becker’s store.. Ok, let’s tally up the damages from the past few days of action....

OILERS 9 BRUINS 6: I had the over on my Proline ticket for this barn-burner. 9-6 Oilers was the final score as the fans went home happy regardless of the outcome. Oilers Jay Dimitroff had 2 red bulls and an espresso pre-game. He was jacked up for this one, even pulled the team bus across the city, scored a hatty along with 2 helpers then pulled the damn thing back afterwards. Talk about a smart hockey player, he could sit on an ice cream cone and tell you what flavour it is. Matt Kowalski has a game and a half too, scoring 2 goals and 3 assists for the winners. Bruins Kirk Blancher and Cory “Kids In The” Hall both scored twice for the B’s...

FLYERS 5 REDWINGS 1: Flyers goalie Chris Piche had the ol’ cookie jar sealed air tight on this night, making more key saves than a St.John’s paramedic. Behind Walter Blagdon’s 2 goals, the Flyers took advantage of a depleted Redwing lineup that saw 4 regulars awol.

BLACKHAWKS 5 PENGUINS 2: Did you know the Hawks have dressed 35 players so far this season? No wonder it’s impossible to get a good read on these guys! Ben Agnew lit the lamp twice and Mike Troback notch 3 points as the Hawks inked the Pens 5-2. Kevin Clark scored both goals in a losing cause...

FLYERS 4 BLACKHAWKS 4: This game was televised nationally. Families had the cheese nips and kielbasa out for this dandy. Refs let the teams decide this one, more back and forth’s than typewriter. Hawks goalie Steve Cuthbert stood on his head from puck drop to the dry towels. Fit this guy for an orange suit, he is a crook for crying out loud. It was the Charlie Polizzi show again as the Hawk forward scored 2 while on the Flyers side, “Dieter” Brock Hotrum scored a pair for a Flyers team clawing their way into respectability in the standings.

LEAFS 4 CANADIENS 2: Leafs Bob Tenison is the league’s pilot. When the other team is waiting for their luggage, he tells them their suitcases accidentally went to Thailand. That’s how much he is owning things out there. Another 2 goals and an apple as the Leafs facepalmed the Habs 4-2. Canadiens’ Dave Braid must’ve got his arm bumped in the breakfast line as he sat in the box twice. Once out, he tallied a goal and an assist in a losing cause. Habs haven’t won since January 13th but face their arch rival Flyers this upcoming weekend. Should be a dandy! Some tickets available, bring the kids...

PENGUINS 6 BRUINS 3: Bruins had 8 players missing, the rest of the guys crammed into a yellow Auston Mini and headed to the rink. Penguins were ready for this one, handing the B’s a 6-3 loss despite a valiant effort. Dino Giudice scored his 1st of the season for the Bruins so that gives him a contract bonus of $8.00. For the Penguins, both Jeff Bastien and Steve Paglie also scored their 1st of the campaign for the winners. Congrats guys, great game! Another 3 points for Dave Armstrong who makes other teams walk back to the dressing room looking like they just shoveled a bunch of driveways.

REDWINGS 3 FLAMES 3: Stick tap to Flames Larry Sipos who buried his 1st of the season and stuck around to sign autographs after the game until midnight. Redwings Vince Mercuri continues to play out of this world, scoring his 16th of the season. Redwings’ goalie Scott “Magic” Johnson walked into the rink with a black v-neck. He wasn’t leaving the damn arena without at least a point. This team is a movie, had a mid-season slump then one closed-door meeting brought everything back together. Attendance is up and these guys are just going out there to have fun.

SHARKS 7 FLYERS 3: And here’s to you, Kevin Robinson.... 2 sweet goals to help the Sharks tank the Flyers 7-3. Sharks newcomer Lee Paule (not the guitar guy) is fitting in well. He chipped in with 2 assists for the winners. Three cheers for Ramblin’ Ronny Cooper who fired home his 1st of the season. What a snipe! Flyers sub John Hewitt scored 2 and added an apple in a losing cause.

BRUINS 5 STARS 1: Dale Brons pours sugar in his skates to go faster and it damn well works. The guy scored a hatty but only 2 fans threw their touques on the ice. 23 goals on the season as the B’s prepare for the 2nd season grind. John Toth wanted to make the blog and he did, scoring 2 spin-a-ramas that will be seen around the world if they get sports centre there.

BLACKHAWKS 4 KINGS 3: Big upset alert here, gang. It was a hard fought battle right to the final buzzer. Danny Wilde with his first 2 goals of the season as the late game had plenty of onlookers watching to seal their team’s playoff matchup.

So there you go. Master’s playoffs start this upcoming Sunday. Two other divisions have one more game this weekend then let the real games begin. Have a good week, fellas... Player stats will be posted shortly on our website.

Chris Marttila

Stoney Creek Oldtimers Hockey Association