This Week in SCOHA – Jan 29th, 2019

What a weekend of action over at the quad. Most of the games were close while a few others .. well you get my drift. Let’s unpack the weekend that was before my break is over...



FLYERS 3 BLACKHAWKS 2: Flyers Bob Howarth scored his 1st goal of the season and almost broke his ankle scaling the glass as his Flyers snuck by the Hawks 3-2. Bob also assisted on the winning goal so he got to keep the game puck. Bravo, hats off, congratulations, Bob!


OILERS 3 REDWINGS 1: Finally, after tossing teams on the bbq at 450 degrees at the start of the season, the Oilers found themselves on the winning side with a 3-1 win over the Redwings. Kyle Zimmerman led the way with a pair of beauts for the winners. The Wings were missing half their bus full of players for this one and paid for it. Their legs felt like cheese strings after the game. Where was everyone tonight, we asked Wings blueliner Dave Wichman, “The answer my friend... is blowing in the wind.”


BRUINS 4 PENGUINS 2: Bruins Sean Riley scored his 1st of the season while Justin "Eastgate” Mol notched his 20th as the Bruins knocked off the surging Penguinos 4-2. I had the Penguins on my proline ticket on this one, wrapped it up and threw it out the window and my tv almost did as well. The Bruins played a solid road game leaving the Pens’ frustrated all night.



PENGUINS 3 BLACKHAWKS 1: I’m not a fan of defensive battles. I would rather sit through a Harry Potter marathon with the wife. But as the playoffs loom, this is the kind of game we will see. Both teams played the trap better than the gang from Deadliest Catch. Another strong game from Pens’ Dave Armstrong. I mean this guy could talk a pitbull off a meat wagon for crying out loud.


BRUINS 4 CANADIENS 2: Bruins Tim Pettit was like CityTV .. Everywhere! 2 goals and 2 apples led the Bruins to a 4-2 win over the Habs. Not to be outdone, Bruins Dwayne Kavanaugh tallied his 2nd goal of the campaign that brought the announced crowd of 3 to their feet. Canadiens’ Mike Miscio replied with a goal and an assist while Rob Baker had both halves of his assorted sub right before the game and felt sluggish out there. The guys were complaining he kept belching the cold cuts on the bench which threw their game off immensely.


LEAFS 5 FLYERS 1: Leafs goalie Bill Templeman is playing gross out there this year. I am talking drop the cell phone in toilet and bare hand scoop it out kinda gross. He had the Trump wall up again, thwarting the Flyers powerhouses time after time. Then there’s Leafs’ Bob Tenison, rolled us up like a yoga mat and stuffed us behind the sofa, scoring a hatty for the winners. Back to the drawing board for the Flyers after the break where plenty of game film will be watched.




REDWINGS 3 BRUINS 1: Redwings are for real! These guy’s toboggan was sliding down the hill with no one on it for a while but have turned things around and are in the hunt for the cup. They put the Bruins on blast with a 3-1 victory and the crowd’s are starting to come back to see their SCOHA heroes. Wing’s goaltender Scott Johnson postgame, “Geeze... we couldn’t fix a bicycle tire for the first half of the season but look at us know! We are heading into the playoffs with beards and the confidence to roll through the division one team at a time..” I quickly reminded him that he just jinxed himself then I was quickly asked to leave the dressing room and they folded my microphone into 3 pieces.


KINGS 4 FLYERS 2: Henry Marfisi chugged 2 Red Bulls at the same time before the game, went out there and scored 3 Gretzky-like goals as the Kings grounded the Flyers 4-2. Marfisi is stuffing goalies into Tupperware containers this year and saves them for later. It’s way too easy for him out there, just insane.  Flyers Enzo Giammichele grabbed the loose puck and buried his 2nd of the season for the Flyers.


STARS 7 SHARKS 1: I will take my tv off the wall and throw it in the pool if this  Stars team doesn’t go far in the playoffs. They make us want to sit and watch them while eating mozzarella sticks until our belly buttons go horizontal. Captain Chris Baratto had these guys playing the kind of hockey he likes to unwind with on a Thursday night on his betamax. The Sharks got their lunches eaten but take a look at their roster.. they had one bad night, I am betting a quick turn around after the week layoff. Sharks Mike Martini dropped his 2nd olive of the season in a losing cause.


FLAMES 5 BLACKHAWKS 2: The Flames set up a few flares to see what happens and came out with a 5-2 win over the Hawks. Stan the Man had 2 goals for the winners while Jason Anderson (no relation to Pam) also added a nice pair for the Flames.


On that note, after another big snowfall, most of us are walking around the house like we have 2 scuba tanks on our backs. Looking forward to the week off before the games heat up from 350 to broil. Have a good Superbowl weekend, my prediction is Pats by 7 but we’ll see....


Chris Marttila

Stoney Creek Oldtimers Hockey Association