This Week in SCOHA - Jan 22nd 2018

Jan 19th


Oilers-4   Penguins-1 Oilers' Steve Ditta with a pair to help defeat the Pens

Bruins-3   Flyers-1  Bruins' Kirk Blancher with a pair to get past the Flyers

Redwings-2   Blackhawks-2  Big time goalie duel Friday night with nothing decided as playoffs looming

Jan 21st


Penguins-5   Flyers-2 Pens led by Dave Armstrong with a pair to beat the defending champs

Bruins-4   Leafs-3 Bruins got two from Wayne Sliwinski and Leafs got two from Bob Tirnanic

Blackhawks-4   Kings-1  five different goal scorers in this game Sunday night


Flyers-7   Redwings-4    Three Flyers had two goals each   Henry Marfisi and Ghislain Piche and Pat Sergi

Sharks-4   Stars-3  Sharks took a chunk out of the Stars

Blackhawks-8   Canadiens-4  Hawks got two each from Bill Pauhl, Robert Digiovanni and Dale Brons


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