This Week in SCOHA - Jan 8th 2018

Jan 7th


KINGS 4 LEAFS 2 Kings Andy Rossit had two as did John Hewitt as the Kings doubled up the Leafs

PENGUINS 8 BRUINS 1 Pens led by Captain Dave Armstrong with 4 and Brian Powell with 3 of his own

BLACK HAWKS 2  FLYERS 1   Battle of the goal keepers as the Hawks nipped the Flyers


RED WINGS 3 CANADIENS 2  Wings led by Al Angelone with a pair  as he helped get past the Habs as John Jansen had both

SHARKS 4 FLYERS 3 Sharks John Toth had a pair  as they got past the first place Flyers led by Ghislain Piche with a pair

STARS 4 BLACK HAWKS 4 Stars Larry Litzgus with a Hat Trick  and Hawks got a pair by Robert Digiovanni , as nothing was decided on Sunday night


Stoney Creek Oldtimers Hockey Association