This Week in SCOHA - Dec 19th 2017


OILERS 4 PENGUINS 3   Oilers led by Bob Howarth with his first two of the season as he had a pair to help get past the Pens .   Pens led by Captain Brian Spilak with a pair.

RED WINGS 2 BLACK HAWKS 1  Friday had a tight battle just before the holidays as both goalies put on a brilliant show.

FLYERS 3  BRUINS 2  The tight hockey theme continued as all three junior games were decided by a goal ,in this game 5 different marksmen.



KINGS 5  BRUINS 3 Kings' Bob Tenison had the natural hat trick in the second as he helped beat the Bruins

BLACK HAWKS 7 PENGUINS 4 Hawks' Graydon Lee had a beauty hat trick and Jeff Davis had a pair  as they took apart the Penguins who got two by Troy Izlakar

FLYERS 4 LEAFS 1  Flyers led by Conrad Hotrum with a pair as they beat up the Leafs


BLACK HAWKS 2  SHARKS 2  Tight game on Sunday before the holidays as the goalies again were on their games in this tie.

FLYERS 3 CANADIENS 1     First place Flyers squeaked by the hard working Habs

STARS 7  RED WINGS 4     Stars led by Larry Litzgus with two as he helped take a part the Wings who were led by Rob Nacha with a pair in a losing cause.


Stoney Creek Oldtimers Hockey Association