This Week in SCOHA - Mar 31 2014

2014 AGM - May 21st @ 7:30PM - Mohawk Quad Community Room

Positions up for re-election: Treasurer, Secretary, VP Junior and VP Masters


The playoffs are under way!  Look to the Playoffs page for schedules and results.


Registration for 2014/2015 is now open and active -


Masters Division 50+ games

Sharks 3 - Canadiens 1

Sharks goals - Dino Cortina, Ghislain Piche, Grant King
Canadiens goals - Robert Jacobs

The Sharks will now face the Devils in the championship game.

Intermediate Division 40+

Kings 3 - BlackHawks 2
Kings goals - Scott Johnson, Allan Herron, Dino Guidice
BlackHawks goals - Sean Riley, Dale Brons
Avalanche 1 - Flyers 0

Avalanche goal- Doug Beaulieu - Shutout - Kevin Hikida

Kings vs Avalanche in the 'ship

Junior Division 30+

Flyers 7 - Bruins 3
Flyers goals - Greg Ross,  Mark Powell
Blues goals - Doug Moulton, Mike Haslam
Blackhawks 4 - Oilers 3

Blackhawk goals - Ron Cybalski 3, Rob Merritt 3, Wayne Sliwinski, Nick Troback
Lane Dunlop with the shutout
Blues 3 - Red Wings 2
Oilers goals - Charlie Polizzi 2, Dave Langille, Mike Christensen, Steve Cassidy, Robert Bili, Dean McLaren
Red Wings goals - Jeff Cosentino 2, Pat Robb, Paul Robins


The final four is set - BlackHawks vs  Oilers and Flyers vs Blues


BlackHawks 4 - Oilers 3 (OT)

BlackHawks goals - Wayne Sliwinski, Bob Tiranic, Rob Merritt, Ron Cybalski

Oilers goals - John Zannon(2), Jason Harvey


Flyers 5 - Blues 2

Flyers goals - Glenn Erskine, Mike Mercer, Mark Powell, Greg Ross, Yves Bisson

Blues goals - Steve Cromwell, Mike Haslam


BlackHawks vs Flyers final

Stoney Creek Oldtimers Hockey Association