This Week in SCOHA - Mar 24 2014

SCOHA 2013/2014

2014 AGM - May 21st @ 7:30PM - Mohawk Quad Community Room

Positions up for re-election: Treasurer, Secretary, VP Junior and VP Masters


The playoffs are under way!  Look to the Playoffs page for schedules and results.


Registration for 2014/2015 is now open and active -


Masters Division 50+ games

Canadiens 4- Stars 3
Canadiens goals - Bob Bazzinet 2, Domenic Giustini, Vince Mercuri
Stars goals- Ron Hall, Guy Shaver, Henry Marfisi
Devils 3 - Sharks 1
Devils goals - Mark Shadwell, Mark Walton, Bob Schweyer
Sharks goal - Ron Cooper


The Canadiens will now play the Sharks to see who will play the Devils in the championship game.

Intermediate Division 40+

Kings 5 - Penguins 3
Kings goals - Craig McMullen, Kelly Rintjima, Frank Sergi, Allan Herron, Dino Guidice
Penguins goals - Paul Opie, Tim Pettit, Jason Anderson
Avalanche 2 - Bruins 2
Avalanche goals- Ken Hutchinson, Mike Archer
Bruins goals - Gary Guthro, Nick Miscione
Flyers 5- Blackhawks 2
Flyers goals - Joad Durst 2, Dave Langille, Grant Voisin, Carl Pellette
Blackhawks goals - Troy Izlakar, Tom Besho


The final 4 are now set - Avalanche vs Flyers and Kings vs BlackHawks

Junior Division 30+

Flyers 2 - Blues 2
Flyers goals - Greg Ross,  Mark Powell
Blues goals - Doug Moulton, Mike Haslam
Blackhawks 8 - Bruins 0
Blackhawk goals - Ron Cybalski 3, Rob Merritt 3, Wayne Sliwinski, Nick Troback
Lane Dunlop with the shutout
Oilers 7 - Red Wings 4
Oilers goals - Charlie Polizzi 2, Dave Langille, Mike Christensen, Steve Cassidy, Robert Bili, Dean McLaren
Red Wings goals - Jeff Cosentino 2, Pat Robb, Paul Robins

The BlackHawks and Flyers are in the final 4, but 2 spots are open. The RedWings and Blues face off in an elimination match where the RedWings need a win or tie to move on and the Blues can send the RedWings home with a win.  

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