Weekend Scoring Jan 31 and Feb 2

SCOHA 2013/2014
Friday night Junior 30+ Division games results
Flyers 3 Blackhawks 1, scoring for the Flyers were Mark Powell with a pair and Glenn Erskine with the single Blackhawks goal scored by Peter Tompkins
Red Wings 6 Oilers 3, scoring for the Red Wings were Dennis Haradyn with the Hat Trick, Jeff Cosentino with a pair and Paul Robbins with the single, replying for the Oilers were John Zanon with 2 and Dean McClaren with the single.
Blues 4 Bruins 1, scoring for the Blues were Doug Moulton with the Hat Trick and Bob Howarth, Bruins goal scored by Jeff Davis.
In Sunday night 40+ Division game results
Bruins 3 Penguins 1, scoring for the Bruins were Dale Scott,Paul Lewington and Ralph Pace, replying for the Penguins was Mike Laing
Kings 5 Flyers 2, scoring for the Kings, Ernie Dunston and Alan Heron with 2 goals each and Alasdair Smith with the single,scoring for the Flyers Joad Durst and John Hewitt
Blackhawks 2 Avalanche 2, scoring for the Hawks Troy Izkalar and Paul McGraw, scoring for the Avalanche Paul Cleary and Walter Blagdon.
In Masters 50+ Division game results
Devils 2 Stars 1, scoring for the Devils Bob Schweyer and Bill Pauhl and repling for the Stars Bruce MacDonald
Sharks 3 Canadiens 2, scoring for the Sharks Richard Hamilton with a pair and Anthony Picone with a single, replying for the Canadiens with a pair was Alan Rizzuto

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