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SCOHA Donates $4,000 from the Jim Mercanti Memorial Golf Tournament to the McNally House Hospice

Last year's golf tournament raised $4,000 and it was decided by the executive to donate that money to the McNally House Hospice in the name of Jim Mercanti. The money, combined with $2,300 from the Mercanti Family goes in an effort to purchase an elevator in memory of Jim.

Please see the Jim Mercanti Memorial page here on the SCOHA site for a photo commemorating the donations.

Week 4, 5, 6 Recap


Games Recap: for games 4 and 5 and 6

Bruins: Slow start for the defending champs continues as they lost 2 of 3

Black Hawks: a win a loss and tie led by a hat trick by Mike Troback

Red Wings: Wings struggling to score lost 2 of three during this stretch

Oilers: The Oilers lost two of three during this stretch

Flyers: Flyers in a nice run of two wins and a tie led by Dave Johnson with three goals

Penguins: Pens are on a roll winning two of three during this stretch

Games Recap for games 5 and 6

Flyers: Defending champs went one win and a loss in both tight games

Black Hawks: Captain Dave Langille with a couple goals as his team had a win and tie

Bruins: Captain Wayne Sliwiniski leads the way with a sweep of both their games

Kings: The crowns lost both of their games as goal scoring has dried up

Penguins: Captain Dave Armstrong another hat trick as the pens had a win and a tie

Leafs: With a win and a loss the SCOHA Leafs are on the rise

Games Recap for games 5 and 6

Canadiens: Wow out scored 15-2 as Habs went zero for two

Red Wings: Sniper Bob Schweyer leads the wings with a hat trick and veteran Gord Johnson had a SHO as the wings went 2-0

Flyers: The hot Fyers are being led by Henry Marfisi with hat trick as they demolished their opponents in both games

Black hawks: Hawks went 1 -1 and had a grerat balance of scoring by a bunch

Sharks: Defending champs lost both during this stretch

Stars: It was the Larry Litzgus show as he potted 5 one game and the Stars split their two games

First Three Weeks Recap


First 3 Games Recap:

Bruins:   (0-3)

Slow start for the defending champs led by Corey Hall and Geoff Chowen with two goals each and Kirk Blancher with 5 points

Black Hawks (2-0-1)

Undefeated after 3 games led by Ross Lacasse with 4 goals and Mike Trobak with three goals and a pair of assisits

Red Wings (1-1-1)

Wings led by Mike Haslam and Dino LaPorta each with a pair of goals

Oilers  (1-0-2)

The undefeated Oilers led by Lino Ruggieri and Rob Merritt with three goals each .   Merritt with 8 points and Steve Ditta with 6 points

Flyers (2-0-1)

Flyers led by Charlie Polizzi with three goals and 4 assists and fantastic goaltending

Penguins (0-2-1)

Pens have been in tight so far on all three games this season  led by Lee Bonnar with a pair of goals


First 4 Games Recap:

Flyers: (0-3-1)

Defending champs led by Rob Baker with 5 goals and Paul McGraw with three goals

Black Hawks (3-1)

Captain Dave Langille leads the way with 4 goals and Jeff Davis with three and the team has had two team shutouts

Bruins (3-1)

Captain Wayne Sliwiniski leads the way with 6 goals and Mike Miscio with three goals

Kings (2-2)

Trevor Swanson leads the squad with 4 goals and Chris Mallios and Bob Tennison with three goals each

Penguins (1-3)

Captain Dave Armstrong with 6 goals J Marenette with 4 goals

Leafs (2-2)---formerly the Sharks

Renamed and off to a better start Charlie Polizzi with 8 goals leads the team and league


First 4 Games Recap:

Canadiens (1-3)

Although off to a slow start the Habs are being led by Richard Hamilton with 3 goals and Ron Hall and Jason Anderson with a pair each

Red Wings (2-2)

Sniper Bob Schweyer leads the wings with 5 goals and Mark Shadwell with three of his own in this early part of the season

Flyers (3-0-1)

The hot Flyers are being led by Henry Marfisi with 7 goals and Bruce Gunby with a hot start with 4 of his own

BlackHawks ( 1-3)

Hawks having a tough start being led by Robert DiGiovanni with 4 goals and Dale Brons with three of his own

Sharks (3-0-1)

Defending champs are hot again led by Mike Archer with 6 goals and Guy Shaver with 3 goals

Stars (1-3)

The offence has been buried in rust so far in this early season  as only 8 goals in 4 games and Larry Litzgus has 3 of them.

2017/2018 Week 1 is in the books!


Red Wings 4 vs Bruins 3
Black Hawks 2 vs Oilers 2
Flyers 5 vs Penguins 3


Bruins 6 vs Flyers 3
Black Hawks 2 vs Leafs 0
Kings 7 vs Penguins 5

Sharks 2 vs Flyers 2
Black Hawks 6 vs Stars 0
Red Wing 7 vs Canadiens 3

9 games and only 7 minor penalties were called.

New Referee changes starting 2017-2018

Our membership took the time to attend our 2017 AGM and voiced their concerns on some refereeing issues. We are happy to report that your executive listened. We have spent the last few weeks in meetings discussing and investigating how we can make the quality of our league and its officials even better than ever.

A committee was set up with this task. The committee interviewed four different referee’s association including Andy Bushey and his team. We also took the time to meet with other associations to get their input on how they felt about the referees that we were looking at.

We are pleased to report that we have made the following drastic changes that will make SCOHA one of the best Men’s hockey leagues in Hamilton:

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