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This Week in SCOHA - Dec 5th 2016

Junior: (Game 12)

Flyers 4 -  Redwings 2   Flyers led by Charlie Polizzi with two as he helped in doubling up RedWings

Penguins 7 -  Blackhawks 4    Pens had 7 different goal scorers as they crunched the Hawks who got two from captain Ron Cybalski

Oilers 5 -  Bruins 3   Oilers got 5 goals from 5 different goal scorers while Kirk Blancher potted all three Bruin's goals in a losing cause.


Intermediate: (Game 13)

Blackhawks 6 -  Bruins 1   BlackHawks big upset vs the Bruins led by three with two each - Cory Beaudoin, Andy Rossit and Charlie Polizzi

Kings 4 -  Flyers 2  Kings doubled up the struggling Flyers led by Glen Rouse with two and Flyers got two from Rob Baker

Sharks 6 -  Penguins 3   More doubling as Sharks got two from Walter Blagdon and Nick Miscione and Pens got two from Tim Pettit


Masters:  ( Game 13)

Sharks 4 -  Canadiens 1     Sharks rolled over the struggling habs sunday night

Flyers 6 -  Stars 3  Flyers doubled up the stars led by Enzo Giammichel and Vince Mercuri with two each and in the losing effort Larry Litzgus with a pair

Blackhawks 6 -  Redwings 4      BlackHawks with a nice team effort in a come from behind effort led by rookie George Papadopoulos with his first of the year which was the game winner. Hawks were also led by Kevin Boyd and Grant Voisin with two goals each and also of note a very nice assist by d-man Pat McKenna  

This Week in SCOHA - Nov 28th 2016

Junior:  "Game 11"
Oilers 6 -  Blackhawks 4  Oilers led by Dan Murphy with a hat trick and Ryan Aikens with a pair Hawks led by Dale Scott and Ron Cybalski with a pair each.
Redwings 7 -  Bruins 4  Red Wings led by Rich Forster with a pair to help down the Bruins
Penguins 5 - Flyers 3   Pens hand the Flyers their first losss of the season led by Shawn James a big 4 goal night on Friday.
Intermediate:  "Game 12"
Kings 4  - Sharks 0  KIngs' Steve Marshall and Glen Rouse each had a pair each and led by a sub goalie
Blackhawks 5 -  Flyers 3  Black  Hawks' Charlie Polizzi with a pair as he helped down the Flyers who were led by Jim Lennie with a pair
Bruins 6 -  Penguins 2 Bruins' captain Wayne Sliwinski with a pair as the Bruins  kept rolling and handled the under manned Pens
Masters: "Game 12"
Sharks 3 -  Flyers 3  Flyers score late to tie the Sharks
Stars 3 -  Blackhawks 1   Guy Shaver led the Stars over the BlackHawks with a pair of goals.  Gord Johnson had numerous saves in the Stars' win
Redwings 6 -  Canadiens 2  Red Wings led by Dale Brons, Bob Schweyer and Richard Hamilton took apart the Habs as each had a pair

This Week in SCOHA - Nov 21st 2016

Junior:  "Game 10"

Penguins 5 - Bruins 3  Pens' Shawn James with a pair to help get by the Bruins

Oilers 3 -  Redwings 2  OIlers led by Dab Murphy had a pair as they got by the RedWings

Flyers 6 -  Blackhawks 1  Flyers' magic season continues as Charlie Polizzi bagged a pair Friday night as they smoked the Hawks


Intermediate:  "Game 11"

Bruins 7 - Flyers 2  The magic season continues for the Bruins as captain Wayne Sliwinski pots a pair

Blackhawks 3 -  Sharks 1   Nice team effort for the Hawks over Sharks on Sunday

Kings 4 -  Penguins 3  Another team win for the Kings as all three lines were firing on all cylinders. Pens were led by captain Dave Armstrong with a pair


Masters:  "Game 11"

Canadiens 3 -  Stars 2  Habs got a big upset win Sunday night as they nipped the Stars as Al Rizzutto with a pair

Blackhawks 4 -  Flyers 0  Nice shutout by veteran Brian Deanes for the Blackhawks as Lee Paule added to more to his team leading goal total

Redwings 4 -  Sharks 3   RedWings keep rolling as they squished the Sharks , Wings led by Dale Brons with a pair 

This Week in SCOHA - Nov 15th 2016

Junior:  "Game 9"

Flyers 4 -  Bruins 3       Flyers' Sunny Sahai had a pair as the Flyers nipped the Bruins

Oilers 5   Penguins 4  Oilers  Steven Ditta had a pair as he helped the Oilers get past the Pens Friday night, Shawn James with a pair in a losing effort

Blackhawks 4   Redwings 2    Black Hawks'  Dale Scott and Ron Cybalski each had a pair as they doubled up on the Wings


Intermediate:   "Game 10"

Penguins 5 -  Blackhawks 5     Pens Brian Powell had a pair as they battled the Black Hawks who got a pair from Cory Beaudoin

Sharks 6 -  Flyers 3   Sharks' Nick Miscione had a pair in the doubling of the Flyers

Bruins 1 -  Kings 1  Battle of the goalies, as they made numerous stops in this epic Sunday tilt. Nothing decided till next time they play in a a month


Masters:   "Game 10"

Flyers 4 - Canadiens 1    Flyers Bill Pauhl with a pair in the win vs the struggling Habs

Redwings 3 -  Stars 1    In a balanced Wing effort they slowly took apart the Stars

Sharks 6 -  Blackhawks (Lee Paule) 4      Sharks handled the Hawks easily as Mike Archer turned the trick. Lee Paule played the part of superman as he had all 4 in the losing cause

This Week in SCOHA - Nov 8th 2016

Junior:   Game "8"

Oilers 5 -  Flyers 5     This Friday night tilt had lots of offence ias we had single goal scorers all around and at the end, no winner decided.

Bruins 3 -  Blackhawks 1  Bruins led by T Davidson with a pair to help beat the BlackHawks

Redwings 2   Penguins 1  The RedWings nipped the Pens in a goaltending duel


Intermediate:  Game "9"

Kings 5 -  Blackhawks 4    Kings' Glenn Rouse had a pair in a winning effort over the BlackHawks

Flyers 7 -  Penguins 5    Flyers finally exploded vs the last place Pens, Flyers led by the two goals by Conrad Hotrum.  In the losing cause Brian Powell had a pair

Bruins 3 -  Sharks 0  Bruins' Garnet Wilson with another shutout Sunday and Dwayne Kavanaugh with a pair of goals


Masters:  Game "9"

Flyers 4 -  Redwings 2  In the big upset of the nite as the perfect season is over for the Wings as the Flyers led by Ron Hall with a pair

Blackhawks 5 -  Canadiens 3   Finally a full roster and the Hawks beat the Habs led by a two goal effort from Scott Turpin

Stars 1 -  Sharks 1   The battle of hot goalies, Sharks and Stars tangled in a hard battle with no winner decided

This Week in SCOHA - Nov 1st 2016

Junior:  Season Game Number #7

Penguins 5 -  Blackhawks 1           Pens out hustled the Hawks led by Rory Hustler

Flyers 5 -  Redwings 1        Flyer's Sunny Sahai had a pair in this one sided effort 

Bruins 6 - Oilers 5         Bruin's Mike Haslam and Tom Mitchell had a pair each as the Bruins nipped the Oilers by a goal. Ryan Aikens had the hat trick in the losing cause 


Intermediate:  Season Game Number #8

Flyers 2 -  Kings 2   Kings Glen Rouse had both King's goals as the game ended in a deadlock 

Bruins 3  - Blackhawks 3      Bruin's Jason Sliwinski had a pair Sunday night to help secure the tie

Penguins 7 -  Sharks 3  New look Pens destroyed the Sharks  led by newbie Bob Tennison with the hat trick and two helpers


Masters:  Season Game Number #8

Redwings 3 -  Blackhawks 2  The magic season continues for the Wings as Dale Brons chipped in with two

Sharks 6 -  Canadiens 3  Ghislain Piche had a hat trick  as they doubled the Habs who were led by Keith Gear

Stars 8 -  Flyers 4  Stars Scott Wheeler had the mojo with a hat trick and three helpers as well as Larry Litzgus with two goals of his own.    Flyer's Tim Manning chipped in with two

This Week in SCOHA - Oct 25th 2016


Bruins 4  - Red Wings 2  Bruins came out victorious in the game of the night as Kirk Blancher bagged a pair  to lead the Bruins

Black Hawks 6  - Oilers 4  Black Hawk Captain Ron Cybalski with a pair over the Oilers with Ryan Aikens with a pair

Flyers 4   Penguins 1    Flyers Suny Sahai with two goals as the Flyers took care of the Pens quietly Friday night



Kings 4 -  Sharks 1   Nice balanced attack as the Kings got past the Sharks

Bruins 4 -  Penguins 0   Bruins led by John Hewitt with two goals as the Bruins continue to roll and Garnet Wilson with the shutout

Black Hawks 6 -  Flyers 2  Hawks' Charlie Polizzi with a hat trick and Dale Scott with a pair as the took out the struggling  Flyers Sunday night



Stars 4 -  Black Hawks 1  The Stars' Kelly Rintjema with a pair as they handled the under manned Hawks Sunday night

Red Wings 6 -  Canadiens 1  Red Wings keep rolling  Dale Brons with a pair to get by the struggling Habs team

Sharks 5 -  Flyers 4    Sharks' Ghislain Piche with a pair and they squeaked past the Fflyers


This Week in SCOHA - Oct 18th 2016

Junior  "Game 5"

Flyers 10 - Black Hawks 0  In the thrashing of the night, the Flyers showed no mercy as they destroyed the Hawks led by Joan Weston with the shutout and Charlie Polizzi with the hat trick and Ross Lacasse with a pair

Penguins 2 -  Bruins 1   Pens nipped the Bruins in a very close game up at the quad

Oilers 9 -  Redwings 5  14 goals went into the nets Friday night , Oilers led by new recruit Ryan Aikens with 4 and Dino LaPorta with a pair,  Wings got the hat trick by Rob Merrit in a losing cause 


Intermediate:  Game "6"

Kings 8 - Penguins 2  Kings got a trio of players to get two goals each (Steve Watt / Glen Rouse/ Alan Herron) as the Kings took apart the Pens

Black Hawks 4 - Sharks 3    Charlie Polizzi with a pair for the winning Hawks as they slipped by the Sharks

Bruins 9 -  Flyers 0  Bruins' Garnet Wilson with the easy night on Sunday as the Flyers were squished.  Leading the Flyers were three players with a pair each -  Captain Wayne Sliwinski, Bob Tennison and Mike Miscio


Masters: Game "6"

Flyers 2 - Black Hawks 2      In the battle of goaltendiers both Ed Mooney and Brian Deanes each stopped a boat load of shots as  both goalies stole the show as the game ended in a fitting tie

Canadiens 3 - Stars 3   Habs led by Bob Bazzinet with a pair and Stars led by Larry Litzgus with a pair of his own, but nothing got decided as it ended in a tie

Redwings 4 - Sharks 3   A balanced attack by the Red WIngs as they got by the Sharks who were led by Mike Archer with two goals

This Week in SCOHA - Thanksgiving 2016

Junior Game 4     ( Oct.7 )

Penguins 3  - Oilers 0       Pen's goalie Marc Moses with the big shutout Friday night as it was a nice team win for the Pens.

Flyers 5 Bruins 3  - Flyers captain Charlie Polizzi with the hat trick as he led the charge vs the Bruins.

Redwings 5 -  BlackHawks 3   Wings got 5 goals by 5 different skaters as they took care of the Hawks.

This Week in SCOHA - Oct 4 2016

Junior:     "Week 3"

Bruins 5 -  Blackhawks 2    Bruins' Kirk Blancher with a pair of goals on Friday as the Bruins took apart the BlackHawks

Penguins 4 -  Red Wings 1    Pens got four goals by four different goal scorers as they handled the Wings

Flyers 5 -  Oilers 3   Flyers' Charlie Polizzi tallied four goals as he helped take down the Oilers


Intermediate:   "Week 5"

Blackhawks 6 -  Penguins 5    Black Hawks' Captain Dave Langille and Jeff Davis had two each as they just got by the Pens who were led by Brian Powell and Steve Saulnier both had  two of their  own

Sharks 3 - Flyers 1   Sharks got a balanced attack to get by the Flyers

Bruins 6 -  Kings 1  Bruins spanked the Kings led by Captain Wayne Sliwinski with a hat trick and John Hewitt with a pair


Masters:  "Week 5"

Flyers 3 -  Canadiens 2   Flyers squeezed by the Habs Sunday night in a back and forth contest

Red Wings 8 -  Stars 8  The game of the season was this past weekend. This game had  16 goals and no winner. Red Wings led by Dale Brons with the hat trick and two goals by John Carvalho. Stars got a hat trick with Guy Shaver turning the trick and John Jensen chipped in with a pair.

Blackhawks 4 -  Sharks 2  Blackhawks got another balanced attack with four different scores as they doubled up the Sharks