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This Week in SCOHA - Feb 28th 2017

Junior: “Game 23” Last regular season game 

Flyers 4 - Oilers 4 Game 23 had a bunch of ties as the Flyers and Oilers battled to a draw
Bruins 1 - Blackhawks 1 The goalie dual of the weekend
Penguins 7 -  Redwings 4 Pens put the puck in the net 7 times as they were led by

Intermediate: “Game 23” Last regular season game

Sharks 8 - Penguins 3 The Pens got pounded often and early by the Sharks led by Mike Martini with a pair
Kings 2 - Flyers 2 Nice game by the Flyers going into the playoffs as they tied up the Sharks
Blackhawks 5 -  Bruins 3 Hawks got by the Bruins

Masters: “Game 23” Last regular season game

Canadiens 2 - Sharks 2 The Habs picked a point as they deadlocked the Sharks
Redwings 3 -  Blackhawks 2 Dale Brons of the Wings opened the scoring up quickly and he ended the game with a goal ( with about 12 seconds left) as the Wings clipped the Hawks
Flyers 4 -  Stars 4 The Flyers and Stars could not solve a thing on Sunday as it ended in a tie

This Week in SCOHA - Feb 21st 2017

Junior: "Game 22"

Penguins 7 -  Blackhawks 2  Pens' Brian Spilak had a hat trick and John Zanon had a pair  as the Pens torched the Hawks Friday night

Redwings 5 -  Flyers 3  Wings got three from Rob Merrit

Bruins 5 -  Oilers 2  Bruins got two from Kirk Blancher


Intermediate: "Game 22"

Kings 4 -   Sharks 1  Kings got a balanced attack as they took out the Sharks

Bruins 6 -  Penguins 3  Bruins doubled up on the Pens and John Hewitt had a pair and in a losing cause Brian Powell with a pair

Flyers 7 -  Blackhawks 4  Flyers blasted the Hawks. Jim Lennie with three and Rob Baker with two,  in a losing cause Charlie Polizzi with a hat trick


Masters: "Game 22"

Stars 4 -  Blackhawks 2  The Stars with some slick goaltending ( Gord Johnson)  held the Hawks down Sunday.  Ringer/spare Bob with a pair

Sharks 6 -  Flyers 2  Sharks' Kevin Feist with a pair  as the Sharks  handled the Flyers

Redwings 2 -  Canadiens 2  In the surprise of the night , The Habs tied the first place Wings Pete Fantauzo with pair

This Week in SCOHA - Feb 14th 2017

Junior:  "Game 21"

Bruins 6 -  Redwings 4      Bruins' Glen Erskine and Greg Lintott both with two as they helped down the Red Wings led by Walt Blagdon with a pair

Penguins 1 -  Flyers 1  Battle of the hot goalies and nothing settled

Oilers 7 -  BlackHawks 1    Oilers pasted the Hawks led by Lino Ruggieri and Ryan Aikens and Dino LaPorta with two each as the help lead the slaughter Friday night


Intermediate: "Game 21"

Bruins 6 -  Flyers 0   Bruins' Garnet Wilson with shutout number #4  and Alfonse Tinebro with a pair

Blackhawks   7 -  Sharks 3   Hawks drubbed the Sharks led by Jeff Davis with the hat trick and two goals by Charlie Polizzi

Kings 7 -  Penguins 6  In a crazy game with Captain King Mike Vanderzee with a pair as did Alan Herron squeaked past the Pens led by Dave Armstrong with count them four goals  


Masters: "Game 21"

Sharks 5 -  Redwings 2   Sharks led by newbie Kevin Feist with his first two   and Wings got both by Dale Brons

Stars 6 -  Canadiens 2  Stars' John Jansen with the hat trick and Guy Shaver with a pair as they downed the last place Habs

Flyers 5 -  BlackHawks 3  Despite Danny Wilde going top shelf , the Flyers got past the Hawks . Flyers got a pair from Vince Mercuri 

This Week in SCOHA - Jan 30th 2017

Junior:  "Game 20" 
Flyers 7 -  Blackhawks 3     Flyers led by Daryl Kator with a pair in the win and in the losing effort Dennis Cybalski with a pair 
Redwings 5 -  Oilers 3         Red Wings led by Mark Powell with a pair and the Oilers' Bryan Purins had a pair in a losing cause 
Bruins 5 -  Penguins 3         Bruins got by the Pens Friday night which were led by Greg Lintott with a pair 
Intermediate:  "Game 20" 
Penguins 8 -  Blackhawks 5   In the crazy game of the night Pens led by the big guns Brian Powell with three and Bob Tenison with a pair  as well as                                            Gary Poole and the  Hawks led by Jeff Davis with the Hat Trick 
Sharks 5 -   Flyers 2           Sharks' Nick Miscione with the hat trick and Walt Blagdon with a pair as they got by the Flyers 
Kings 2 -  Bruins 2             The Kings and Bruins could not determine a winner 
Masters: "Game 20" 
Flyers 4 -  Canadiens 3       Flyers got by the last place Habs 
Redwings 2 -  Stars 1         In a battle to the end the Wings got by the surging Stars 
Sharks 3 -  Blackhawks 2    In a key 4 point game the Sharks snapped the Hawks win streak and nipped them by one 

This Week in SCOHA - Jan 23th 2017

Junior:                          Games 19

Pens 5 - Oilers 3    Pens' Shawn James with two goals as he helped get past the Oilers Friday night

RedWings 5 - BlackHawks 1    Wings' Mark Powell with two goals as he helped get past the hawks

Flyers 1 -  Bruins 1      Lots of saves as this game could not find a winner 

Intermediate                             Games 19

BlackHawks 5 - Kings 2     Hawks' Charlie Polizzi with the hat trick as they beat the Kings

Penguins 5 -  Fyers 3        Pens got by the Flyers in a PM filled game

Sharks 4 - Bruins 2      Sharks doubled up the Bruins on Sunday in a spirited affair

Masters                                    Games 19

BlackHawks 3 - Habs 2    Hawks kept rolling as Kevin Boyd with two more to add to his totals as they nipped an improving Habs

Stars 4  - Sharks 1     It was the Larry Litzgus show as he had all 4 as the Stars rolled the Sharks

RedWings 7 - Flyers 1   First place RedWings took apart the Flyers Dale Brons with two

This Week in SCOHA - Jan 16th 2017

Junior:  "Game 18"
Redwings 1 -  Penguins 1   Battle of the goalies went as expected as nothing was decided on Friday night
Flyers 6 -  Oilers 3    Flyers doubled up the Oilers led by Ross Lacasse with a pair of goals, Oilers' Kyle Zimmerman had a pair in the losing cause
Bruins 4 -  Blackhawks 3     Bruins got past the Hawks and in the losing effort Dennis Cybalski had a pair
Intermediate:  "Game 18"
Penguins 6 -  Sharks 2    Pens' vet Tim Pettit with the hat trick and two helpers in front of his fan club and Bob Tenison with two goals as they beat up the Sharks
Flyers 5  - Kings 4  Flyers with a nice team win and led by Jim Lennie with the hat trick and the Kings were led by Glen Rouse with two
Bruins 4 -  Blackhawks 2  Bruins got a pair from John Hewitt and Alfonso Tinebro
Masters:  "Game 18"
Flyers 4 -  Stars 3              Flyers nipped the Stars by a goal the Flyers led by Vince Mercuri with a pair
Blackhawks 2 -  Redwings 1      Hawks' goalie Brian Deanes was seconds away from his second consecutive  SHO after making numerous acrobatic saves but the wings spoiled it by getting  a late goal. Hawks got both goals by Grant Voisin in the winning effort
Sharks 4 -  Canadiens 0       Sharks' goalie Richard Paquet with his second shutout of the season

This Week in SCOHA - Jan 10th 2017

Junior:    "Game 17"

Penguins 4 -  Blackhawks 1   Pens had a great game Friday night with all lines firing and sneak into 1st place

Bruins 5 -  Oilers 2   Bruins had another strong game with 5 different goal scorers. Oilers' Steve Kivell with both goals in the loss

Redwings 4 -  Flyers 1  Red Wings had a spirited win and got past the Flyers

Intermediate:   "Game 17"

Kings 4 -  Sharks 1   Kings' Glen Rouse keeps rolling as he had the hat trick on Sunday

Bruins 3 -  Penguins 2  Bruins' Bob Tirnanic had two more as his stick is smoking and the playoffs are near

Flyers 3  -  Blackhawks 3  Nothing got decided as the Flyers played one of their better team games of the year

Masters:   "Game 17"

Blackhawks 2 - Stars 0   Hawks' goalie Brian Deanes stood on his head to beat the Stars Sunday, his league leading third shutout of the season

Flyers 4 -  Sharks 2   Flyers in a nice balanced attack doubled up the Sharks

Redwings 6 -  Canadiens 1  RedWings Henry Marfisi had the hat trick as the Wings took apart the struggling Habs

This Week in SCOHA - Jan 3rd 2017

Junior:  GAME 15   Dec.23/16

Redwings 6 -  Oilers 2    RedWings led by Walter Blagdon with two goals

Flyers 6 -  Blackhawks 2  Flyers' John Spatazzo with a pair

Penguins 5 -  Bruins 1   Pens' Brian Spilak with a pair Friday night

GAME 16 Dec.30/16 

Bruins 7 -  Redwings 2   Bruins smoked the Wings led by Mark Davies with a pair and Kirk Blancher had a pair as well

Oilers 4 -  Blackhawks 1  Oilers led by Klyle Zimmerman with a pair

Penguins 4 -  Flyers 2   It was the Shawn James show as he had the hat trick as he helped take care of the Flyers


Intermediate:   GAME 16 Dec.30/16

Bruins 8 -  Flyers 4   Bruins' Bob Tirnanic was feeling the mojo on New Year's eve eve as he lit the lamp FIVE TIMES.  in a losing cause Conrad Hatrum with a pair   (Captain Dave Wichman potted a nice one as well)

Penguins 7 -  Kings 5  Pens led by Gary Guthro with a hat trick and Bob Tenison with a pair as they beat the Kings.  Kings' Glen Rouse with a hat trick of his own in a losing cause

Sharks 8 -  Blackhawks 3   Sharks pasted the Hawks as Chris Scott had 4 large Friday night and Walter Blagdon with a pair


Masters:  GAME 16 Dec.30/16

Blackhawks 5 -  Flyers 4    Down all game the Hawks did it again led by Kevin Boyd with a pair and Flyers led by Vince Mercuri with a pair

Redwings 1 -  Sharks 1     Battle of goaltending as only two goals on the night

Canadiens 2  -  Stars 2  Stars' Larry Litzgus with both goals as the Stars tied the last place Habs 

This Week in SCOHA - Dec 19th 2016

Junior:  "Game 14"

Bruins 3 -  Flyers 1   It was the Kirk Blancher show as he had all three for the Bruins

Penguins 4 -  Oilers 1  Four separate sharp shooters did the trick for the Pens Friday night

Redwings 6 -  Blackhawks 4   RedWing's Rob Merritt with a hat trick and Rich Forster with two as they helped beat the Hawks in a losing cause had two each by Dennis Cybalski and Dan Vankleef

Intermediate:  "Game 15"

Kings 3 -  Bruins 1   Nice upset win for the Kings over the Bruins

Blackhawks 8 -  Penguins 1     In the tilted ice game of the night, Captian Dave Langille with a pair and Jeff Davis with the hat trick as the Pens got dismantled

Sharks 5 -  Flyers 2  Sharks led by Richard Forster with a pair as they got past the struggling Flyer squad that cant wait for the calendar to flip to a new year 


Masters:  "Game 15"

Sharks 6 -  Blackhawks 6     They are still talking about this one, Hawks down as much as 5-1 and 6-3 with a couple minutes left.   Kevin Boyd scores two and even had one on an old school penalty shot on a delay of game call. Sharks were led by Ghislain Piche with the hat trick. Of note for you SCOHA poolies Danny Wilde with a two game point streak****

Flyers 4 -  Canadiens 2      Flyers got a Hat trick from veteran Vince Mercuri and  the Habs look for better things in the new year 

Redwings 4 -  Stars 2   RedWings led by Henry Marfisi with a pair as they doubled up the Stars 

This Week in SCOHA - Dec 12th 2016

Junior:  "Game 13"

Bruins 4 -  Blackhawks 3     Bruins nipped the BlackHawks who were led by Dan Vankleef with two in a losing cause

Flyers 5 -  Oilers 1   Nice balanced attack as the Flyers handled the Oilers

Redwings 3 -  Penguins 3    The Wings and Pens battled it out for a tie on Friday night


Intermediate:  "Game 14"

Sharks 5 -  Bruins 3     Sharks had 5 different goal scorers , Bruins led by Mike Miscio with a pair in a losing cause

Blackhawks 4 -  Kings 0    BlackHawks got a hat trick by Andy Rossit and Kevin Hikidi with a shutout

Flyers 2  -  Penguins 2   In the battle for last place, it made sense to end in a tie , Jim Lennie with a pair for the Flyers


Masters:  "Game 14"

Sharks 3 -  Stars 1       Sharks led by Alastair  Kermack with two as be helped upset the Stars

Blackhawks 4 -  Canadiens 1   BlackHawks with a nice team win Sunday night Kevin Boyd with two more to add to his totals and the Habs got one late to spoil the shutout

Redwings 4 -  Flyers 3   Redwings had a balanced effort with 4 goals and even President Terry Gudgeon got in on the action with one from the blue line