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This Week in SCOHA - Oct 5 2015


Blackhawks-3   Flyers-2
Bruins-2   Penguins-1
Oilers-5   Redwings-4  Oilers got a pair of goals from Charlie Polizzi and Dino LaPorta  and in a losing effort RedWings got a pair from Craig Romanicki
Sharks-5   Bruins-4 Sharks Charlie Polizzi had back to back games with a hat trick.
Penguins-6   Flyers-3  Penguins Steve Smith had a pair of goals with singles by 4 others.
Blackhawks-3   Kings-2  Blackhawks were led by Jeff Davis with a pair of goals
Sharks-10   Stars-3 Sharks got impressive numbers by Ghislain Piche with 5 goals and added an assist.  Also Dave Cathcart had a monster 7 point night with 6 helpers and a goal. Ron Hall added 2 more in this rout.
Devils-1   Flyers-1
Canadiens-4   Blackhawks-0  Canadiens Joe DeFario had the shutout 

This Week in SCOHA - Sept 25 2015

Stars of note for the week:


Junior Division


Penguins 6  Oilers 3, pens big scorers Lee Bonner and Shawn James with a pair each.


Bruins 4 Flyers 1


Red Wings 7 Blackhawks 0 with a shutout by Tim Visser and Rob Merritt and Craig Romanicki each pitched in 2 goals.


Intermediate Division:


Kings 2  Flyers 0  both goals by Steve Marshall and a shutout by Bill Templeman


Blackhawks 7 Bruins 6 for the winning blackhawks Joad Durst with a pair as did Jeremy White and big 5 point night for Dave Langille.      For the Bruins Wayne Sliwinski with a pair as did Alfonso Tinebra


Penguins 5  sharks 5  Penguins big goal scores with 2 each Simon Collette and Steve Smith and the sharks Charlie Pilozzi had the Hat Trick


Masters Division:


Devils 4  Blackhawks 1   Dale Brons lead the way with 3 points for the Devils


Sharks 4 Canadiens 3  Sharks led by Guy Shaver with a pair


Flyers 3  Stars 0  Ed Mooney pitched the shutout for the Flyers.