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This Week in SCOHA - Dec 14 2015


Penguins - 8   Oilers - 4      In the highest scoring game of the weekend Pens were led by Shawn James and Steve Boschman with two each and Oilers  were led by Dino LaPorta with a pair for the losing side.

Redwings - 7   Blackhawks - 0   Red Wings with the mega outburst  withy the shutout supplied by  Tim Visser. Walt Blagdon led the Wings with a pair.

Bruins - 7   Flyers - 3  Bruins' Kirk Blancher and Tom Mitchell each had two goals as they trounced the Flyers Friday night. Flyers did have Mark Powell step up with two.



Bruins - 4   Blackhawks - 3    Bruins led by Dino Giudice with a pair as they nipped the Black Hawks in the tightest game on Sunday

Kings - 6   Flyers - 4     It was the Steve Marshall show for the Kings as he beat the Flyers  FIVE times and then added an assist for good measure and to complete the Gordie Howe hat trick had 4 minutes of penalties .

Sharks - 7   Penguins - 2     Sharks Charile  Polizzi  pocketed four big goals to spank the Pens 



Canadiens - 2   Sharks - 1   Habs are not to be stopped as they are getting closer to setting SCOHA records with each consecutive win on Sunday  

Devils - 4   Blackhawks - 2    Devils Dale Brons increased his stats with three more goals and the Devils held off the Black Hawks

Stars - 3   Flyers - 1  It was eventually going to happen Stars winning and Coach Chris scoring .  They both happened on Sunday night as both were a thing of beauty as the Stars won a tight game.


This Week in SCOHA - Dec 7 2015


Blackhawks - 6   Flyers - 2     In the tilted ice game of the night , BlackHawks led  by Joad Durst with two goals and a pair of assists  and the Flyers got  both goals off the stick of Jim Lennie

Bruins - 4   Penguin - 0   Bruin Etienne Venne got his first shutout of the season with tons of stops in the blanking of the Penguins

Sharks - 4   Kings - 4         In the no winner andn no loser game of the night was between the Sharks and Kings. However the Kings got the hat trick from Steve Marshall.



Canadiens - 5   Devils - 2  In a spirited battle, the Habs keep the longest active win streak moving as they got 5 goals led by Henry Marfisi with 2 and on the losing side Bob Schweyer had two.

Blackhawks - 6   Stars - 4       BlackHawks want to play versus the Stars each week as they are 3-0 vs the Stars and 0 and 9 vs the rest of the league, BlackHawks  were led by Mike MacPherson and Bill Kirkos with 2 goals each and for the losing Stars, Kelly Rintjema  and Grant Voisin had a pair each

Flyers - 2   Sharks - 1       In a very tight game Sunday, Flyers got a big win to swim by the Sharks

This Week in SCOHA - Nov 30 2015


Flyers - 3   Oilers - 2                  The Flyers with a big win Friday night with three single goal scorers leading the way as they downed the Oilers by a goal.

Bruins - 5   Blackhawks - 1             The Bruins led by Greg Lintott with a pair for the winning side easily beat the Blackhawks in a spirited battle Friday night

Redwings - 5   Penguins - 4             Red Wings' big guys stepped up Steven Ditta and Sunny Sahai each with a pair of goals as they slipped by the Pens even though Pat Ryan fired in three in a losing cause.



Flyers - 3   Bruins - 3     The Flyers and Bruins battled it out on Grey Cup Sunday to a draw ,   Bruins Jason Sliwinski had a couple of goals in the tie

Blackhawks - 4   Sharks - 4     Blackhawks Jeremy White had a couple goals and another big game by Steve Saulnier who had a 4 point night  as they tied the Sharks on Grey cup Sunday ,    Charlie Polizzi had his usual 2 to help the Sharks

Kings - 5   Penguins - 2      Kings led by Walt Blagdon who had a pair of goals as they handled the Penguins. Pens Jason Anderson had both goals for the losing side  



Devils - 3   Sharks - 1     In a battle of defence and good goaltending. The Devils got by the Sharks .

Canadiens - 3   Stars - 2    The hottest team in the league (Canadiens) are still scorching as they beat the Stars

Flyers - 9   Blackhawks - 1     In the torching of the weekend the last place Blackhawks got smashed by the Flyers as they were led by Dino Cortina with the hat trick and then Kevin Boyd and Tim Manning  each with two.

This Week in SCOHA - Nov 23 2015

Redwings - 6   Flyers - 2   Red Wings 2 goal scorers Walt Blagdon and Sunny Sahai handled the Flyers who were lead by Mike Haslam with 2 goals.
Penguins - 7   Blackhawks - 2  In the spanking of the weekend, Pens led by some new recruits ( subs) as well as Pat Ryan with a pair of goals as they beat up the Hawks who were led by Ron Cybalski with two.
Oilers - 3   Bruins - 0   Oilers net minder Ramon Bratovz with the big shutout on Friday night
Blackhawks - 8   Penguins - 4   It was the Steve Saulnier show as he had 5 points including a hat trick for the Black Hawks as well as Jeff Davis with a pair. The Pens had Gary Guthro with 2 for the losing side
Flyers - 5   Sharks - 1  Flyers led by Jim Lennie with his first hat trick and John Hewitt with a 2 goal night as the Flyers got a much needed win vs the Sharks
Kings - 3   Bruins - 2  Kings led by 3 different scorers as they squeaked by the Bruins and Wayne Sliwiniski and his two goals
Canadiens - 2   Flyers - 1   Another win by the Habs as they got by the Flyers
Devils - 1   Stars - 0   Brian Deanes tied the league record with the most saves in a game as he stood on his head and stoned the Stars Sunday night
Sharks - 5   Blackhawks - 1   Sharks with 5 different goal scorers kept on winning as they beat the BlackHawks by 4 goals

This Week in SCOHA - Nov 15 2015


Blackhawks - 6   Oilers - 2      Two hat tricks led the Hawks over the Oilers   Ron Cybalski and Ross LaCasse did the tricks and Charlie Polizzi had a pair in the losing cause

Redwings - 7   Bruins - 3    RedWings led by Dave Holmes and Sunny Sahai with 2 goals each stung the Bruins

Penguins - 9   Flyers - 2  In the thumping of the weekend Pens had 9 goals with 3 two goal scorers ( Brian Spilak, Steve Boschman and Shawn James)



Penguins - 2   Flyers - 0    Pen's Garnet Wilson had the shutout over the struggling Flyers

Kings - 6   Blackhawks - 1   Kings Sean Riley had two goals to lead the crowns smoking of the Black Hawks

Bruins - 6   Sharks - 1     Six Bruins goal scorers squished the fish



Flyers - 6   Devils - 5   Flyers had a late game comeback to surprise the Devils , Flyers had 6 goal scorers over the Devils who had Bob Schweyer tally a hat trick

Canadiens - 6   Blackhawks - 2     Habs Henry Marfisi with a two goal effort as they took care of the Hawks

Sharks - 5   Stars - 3    Five different goal scores for the Sharks over the Stars who also had only single goal scoring

This Week in SCOHA - Nov 8 2015


Penguins - 3   Bruins - 0        Pens goalie Marc Moses stood on his head as he got his first shutout of the season to help beat the Bruins

Oilers - 4   Redwings - 2     In a spirited battle between these two teams , the Oilers had a balanced attack and outlasted the Wings by a pair of goals

Blackhawks - 5   Flyers - 1   The Hawks led by 5 different scores handled the Flyers Friday night



Flyers - 3   Kings - 2      Flyers upset the Kings in a defensive struggle on Sunday evening

Bruins - 9   Blackhawks - 3  In the big score of the weekend , Bruins had 8 different contributors ( Mike Miscio had a pair) and three players had 3 point nights.  The hawks did get two goals by Troy Izlakar in the losing cause

Sharks - 6   Penguins - 3      Nick Miscione had two goals and also an assist as the sharks beat the pens by 3 goals , Dave Armstrong got on the score sheet with a pair in the losing effort.



Devils - 5   Blackhawks - 0    Dale Brons added 2 more goals for totals ( and fancy new helmet ) as the Devils got the shutout by Joan Weston.

Canadiens - 8   Sharks - 0  League leading goalie Joe DeFaria was it again with another shutout as the Habs pasted the Ssharks .  Three Habs with a pair of goals each  :  Henry Marfisi and Rob Nacha and Ralph Ionico

Stars - 7   Flyers - 4     Finally the Sstars were able to get a long awaited win as Larry Litzgus has a hat trick as well as an assist  to lead the Stars over the first place Flyers

This Week in SCOHA - Nov 1 2015


Bruins - 4   Flyers - 3            Bruins got 2 goals from Greg Lintott as they edged the Flyers who were led by three different goal scorers.

Penguins - 4   Oilers - 1          Penguin's Shawn James with two more goals to give him a league leading15 as they handled the Oilers.

Redwings - 6   Blackhawks - 2    Red Wings new energy player Bob Tirnanic got 2 goals, four other Wings with singles as they beat the Black Hawks down.



Kings - 5   Sharks - 2     Kings' Steve Marshall and Walt Blagdon lead the crowns with 2 goals each as they squished the Sharks by three goals.

Bruins - 6   Penguins - 4     Newly acquired Rob Baker with the hat trick ( 5 points) as they slipped by the Pens where Gary Guthro had his first two goals of the young season.

Blackhawks - 10    Flyers - 4            In the crazy game of the weekend , Black Hawks lead by Dave McComb and Dave Langille each with 3 goals ( Langille with 5 pts)  and not to be forgotten Troy Izlakar added 2 as well as the Hawks pasted the Flyers who got a pair from Ernie Dunston.



Blackhawks - 4   Stars - 3      Blackhawk's Scott Turpin with two goals and an assist as he led the Hawks past the Stars who were helped by a 3 point night by Larry Litzgus ( 2g 1a)

Sharks - 4   Flyers - 0    Sharks' goalie Richard Paquet got his first shutout of the season as they dominated the Flyers.

Canadiens - 3   Devils - 1    Habs got 3 goals by 3 different participants as they got great goaltending to defeat the Devils by 2. 


This Week in SCOHA - Oct 26 2015


Oilers - 5   Flyers - 3    OIlers led by a balanced attack with 5 single goal scorers downed the Flyers 5-3.

Blackhawks - 7   Bruins - 4    BlackHawks Ross LaCasse with 4 goals and Ron Cybalski with the hat trick acounted for all 7 goals  and the Bruins were led by Kirk Blancher with a pair.

Redwings - 4   Penguins - 1  Red Wings were aided by Rob Merritt pair of goals as they beat the pens in a spirited battle.



Penguins - 1   Kings - 0       Pens sub goalie Roman Bratovz with  a ton of saves in the big shutout in a tight game.

Sharks - 8   Blackhawks - 3  In the Offence game of the week  Sharks led by Charlie Pilozzi with another hat trick and 2 goals by Nick Miscione and Jason Aguanno .   Both Charlie and Nick had 6 point nights .   The highlight for the Blackhawks was that Jeff Davis added a couple goals.

Bruins - 6   Flyers - 2  Bruins were led by two goal scorers Wayne Sliwinski and Mike Miscio as they beat  up the Flyers.



Flyers - 7   Blackhawks - 5    Flyers were led by three goal scores  Brunce Gunby with the Hat Trick and Bill Pauhl and Kevin Boyd each scored 2 .          Blackhawks Scott Turpin added two for the losing side.

Canadiens - 4 Stars - 1             Habs were led by Henry Marfisi with 2 as they handled the Stars easily.

Sharks - 5   Devils - 4        Sharks got revenge on the Devils as Jim Albanese with the three goal game and Vince Mercury with a 4 point night as they beat the devils  who were led by Bob Schweyer with a pair of goals in the losing effort.

This Week in SCOHA - Oct 19 2015

BlackHawks-5   Penguins-3      Black Hawks led by Ross LaCasse with two big goals as well as  a helper as they beat the Penguins. Pens big scorer Sean James had a pair with his team leading and league leading 13 goals. 
Redwings-6   Flyers-3     Red wings led by Steven Ditta and Byran Purins both with  a pair of goals and Flyers got a pair of goals from Mike Haslam.
Oilers-5   Bruins-3           Oliers' Troy Sheridan got his first two of the year in the win versus the Bruins and Jeff Davis had a pair in a losing cause.
Blackhawks-3   Penguins-2   In a spirited game, Blackhawks had three single goal scorers and downed the Penguins. Steve Cromwell scored his first two goals of this season for the Pens
Sharks-8   Flyers-2   In the tilted ice game of the night Nick Miscione had a hat trick and Charlie Polizzi with a pair on a 4 point night. Flyers got both their goals by Ernie Dunston.
Kings-5   Bruins-1   KIngs led by Steve Marshall and Mike Archer both with a pair as they beat the Bruins
Canadiens-1   Flyers-0       Another Shutout by Canadiens Joe Defaria in a tight game as the Flyers lose their first of the season
Stars-4   Devils-1             And the struggling Stars take down Gudgeon's first place Devils to give them their first loss of the season and Stars led by Kelly Rintjema with a pair.
Sharks-7   BlackHawks-2   Sharks had some big games as Guy Shaver had the hat trick and Jim Albanese scored two to lead the Sharks over the BlackHawks 

This Week in SCOHA - Oct 9 2015

Redwings 5   Bruins 3       Red wings led by Steven Ditta with two goals and an assist  and four points by Rob Merritt and the Bruins led by Kirk Blancher with a pair of goals in the losing cause
Blackhawks 5   Oilers 3    Blackhawks led by big scores Doug Moulton with a hat trick as well as Ron Cybalski with a pair of goals  to complete the hawks scoring
Flyers 6   Penguins 0      In the Flyers white wash Michael Haslam tallied a hat trick and Steve Strba chipped in a pair.Big saves by John Ricard got him his first shutout on the young season.