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Food Deal - LookOut Lounge

SCOHA 2008/2009

Hi Joe,

I know you have communicated with Mark recently and decide to do the 'Food Deal' again this year.  We  have a couple to things that I'm hoping you can communicate to your teams/players.


-ALL PLAYERS MUST BE PRESENT IN THE LOOKOUT LOUNGE BEFORE ANY TEAM FOOD IS ORDERED.(last year we had teams saying 12 guys were coming up, we'd order the appropriate food and only 5 guys come up)

-THE BARTENDERS WILL NOT AND ARE NOT PERMITTED TO ORDER ANY FOOD FOR THE FOOD DEAL(Food will only be ordered through the server, this is to prevent teams from trying to manipulate and order food twice. As you know how hectic it can get,  this measure is simply to protect ourselves as last year many teams tried and did succeed in getting double the food)

NO SUBSTITUTIONS, NO EXCEPTIONS.  (If the team would like to order toppings on pizza , there will obviously be a charge for them.  Pizza comes with pepperoni)


I do need to know please number of teams Friday night and the team names.  As well as the number of teams on Sundays with their team names.  Do the Friday teams ever play on Sundays? or vice versa?

We may issue cards for the teams that they can show the server who they are,  for the food deal.


Thanks Joe, we really appreciate your help in communicating this information. 


Substitute Goalies

SCOHA 2008/2009

From time to time, every team will be without their regular goalie.

To alleviate any confusion on how to obtain a replacement goalie for your game the executive has appointed Don Ellis as the person to be contacted to arrange for replacement goalies.

Our association has 2 oncall goalies that are registered and paid with our association and usually Don will contact one of them to play. If they are unavailable, Don will contact other association goalies.

 In future please only contact Don Ellis, (905) 544-4620, for your replacement goalie to avoid confusion. If you do not follow this arrangement, your game will be forfeit. The game can be played with referees, but will stand as a 1-0 win for the opposition. No exceptions.