This Week in SCOHA - March 27th 2017

Final Game of the Round Robin


Flyers 7 - Blackhawks 2   Flyers ended the Hawks' season as Jason Aguanno had a pair.   Hawks' Doug Moulton had both tallies

Bruins 4  - Redwings 2   Bruins' Tom Mitchell had the hat trick as he helped double up the Wings

Penguins 4  - Oilers 2  Pens move on and the Oilers are off to the golf course



Flyers 3  - Blackhawks 3  A playoff tie for Cinderella Flyers  as they move on as do the Hawks

Sharks 4 -  Kings 2  In a meaningless game sadly , both teams seasons are done and now get to watch the final four .  Sharks' Walter Blagdon had a pair

Penguins 4 -  Bruins 1  Pens' captain Dave Armstrong with a pair as they upset the Bruins



Sharks 6 -  Canadiens 2   Dave Dickey led the way for the big win for the Sharks, However the Cinderella Habs are still alive with the four seed as Jason Anderson scored both goals

Blackhawks 6 -  Flyers 2  Hawks' Mark Shadwell and Kevin Boyd with a pair each as they eliminated the Flyers Sunday night

Redwings 4 -  Stars 3   Wings finished a perfect 3 and 0 led by Dale Brons as they eliminated the Stars on Sunday 

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