This Week in SCOHA - Nov 21st 2016

Junior:  "Game 10"

Penguins 5 - Bruins 3  Pens' Shawn James with a pair to help get by the Bruins

Oilers 3 -  Redwings 2  OIlers led by Dab Murphy had a pair as they got by the RedWings

Flyers 6 -  Blackhawks 1  Flyers' magic season continues as Charlie Polizzi bagged a pair Friday night as they smoked the Hawks


Intermediate:  "Game 11"

Bruins 7 - Flyers 2  The magic season continues for the Bruins as captain Wayne Sliwinski pots a pair

Blackhawks 3 -  Sharks 1   Nice team effort for the Hawks over Sharks on Sunday

Kings 4 -  Penguins 3  Another team win for the Kings as all three lines were firing on all cylinders. Pens were led by captain Dave Armstrong with a pair


Masters:  "Game 11"

Canadiens 3 -  Stars 2  Habs got a big upset win Sunday night as they nipped the Stars as Al Rizzutto with a pair

Blackhawks 4 -  Flyers 0  Nice shutout by veteran Brian Deanes for the Blackhawks as Lee Paule added to more to his team leading goal total

Redwings 4 -  Sharks 3   RedWings keep rolling as they squished the Sharks , Wings led by Dale Brons with a pair 

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