This Week in SCOHA - Nov 15th 2016

Junior:  "Game 9"

Flyers 4 -  Bruins 3       Flyers' Sunny Sahai had a pair as the Flyers nipped the Bruins

Oilers 5   Penguins 4  Oilers  Steven Ditta had a pair as he helped the Oilers get past the Pens Friday night, Shawn James with a pair in a losing effort

Blackhawks 4   Redwings 2    Black Hawks'  Dale Scott and Ron Cybalski each had a pair as they doubled up on the Wings


Intermediate:   "Game 10"

Penguins 5 -  Blackhawks 5     Pens Brian Powell had a pair as they battled the Black Hawks who got a pair from Cory Beaudoin

Sharks 6 -  Flyers 3   Sharks' Nick Miscione had a pair in the doubling of the Flyers

Bruins 1 -  Kings 1  Battle of the goalies, as they made numerous stops in this epic Sunday tilt. Nothing decided till next time they play in a a month


Masters:   "Game 10"

Flyers 4 - Canadiens 1    Flyers Bill Pauhl with a pair in the win vs the struggling Habs

Redwings 3 -  Stars 1    In a balanced Wing effort they slowly took apart the Stars

Sharks 6 -  Blackhawks (Lee Paule) 4      Sharks handled the Hawks easily as Mike Archer turned the trick. Lee Paule played the part of superman as he had all 4 in the losing cause

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