This Week in SCOHA - Feb 22 2016


Oilers - 6   Flyers - 1      Oilers big break out game with two goals each by Troy Sheridan and Dina LaPorta

Blackhawks - 8   Bruins - 0  BlackHawks' Kevin Hikida with the big time shutout and three goals by Ron Cybalski and two by Luc LaCasse

Redwings - 4   Penguins - 1      Red wings finished the season off with a bang as they beat up the Pens



Sharks - 3   Penguins - 1       Sharks finished the season with a nice win against the tough Pens

Kings - 3   Flyers - 1      Kings' Steve Marshall with had two more goal to add to his pile this season

Bruins - 1   Blackhawks - 0     Bruins' Etienne Venne  with the tough donut in this nail biter



Sharks - 2   Canadiens - 0    Sharks'  Richard Paquet adds to his shutout total with another one Sunday night

Devils - 5   Blackhawks - 0  Devils' Brian Deanes finished the season perfectly with a nice shutout and Devils' Dale Brons added two goals in the win

Stars - 6   Flyers - 1    The new look Stars were led by Larry Litzgus who tallied four in the big win to finish off the season for the Stars


This completes the 25th anniversary season of SCOHA  and now on to the playoffs !!!!

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