This Week in SCOHA - Jan 24 2016


Penguins - 8   Oilers - 2     In the smashing of the weekend the Pens were all over the Oilers led by John Spatazzo with his first hat trick with Pat Ryan chipping in a pair.

Flyers - 2   Bruins - 2    In a tight goaltending and defensive match nothing was decided by the end of this one.

Red Wings - 3   Blackhawks - 1   In the quick game of the night , the Wings were led by three different goal scorers as they downed the BlackHawks.



Penguins - 7   Flyers - 3  The other Penguins also had a big goal night as they potted seven. Led by Pete Fantauzzo with a pair.

Bruins - 4   Sharks - 3     Bruins' Mike Miscio had a couple on Sunday as they beat the Sharks by a goal.

Kings - 3   Blackhawks - 3    In a back and forth game ending in a deadlock , nothing was settled in this one as well.



Flyers - 4   Devils - 0     Flyers' Gord Johnson had the big shutout and the Flyers were led by Tim Manning with a pair as they  handed the Devils the loss.

Stars - 2   Sharks - 1   A late PP goal by the Stars in the final moments of the game had the Stars pull off a big win

Canadiens - 3   Blackhawks - 3   Another tie on Sunday as the Habs and Flyers ended up in a draw . Flyers' Bill Pauhl had a pair. 


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