This Week in SCOHA - Dec 28 2015


Redwings - 4   Bruins - 2     Borrowed Penguin Shawn James scored two for the Wings helping to double up on the Bruins

Penguins - 4   Flyers - 2  Penguins' Brian Spilak had a pair as the Pens doubled up the Flyers

Blackhawks - 5   Oilers - 1   Black Hawks'  Ron Cybalski had the hat trick in a five point night as the Hawks blasted the Oilers



Penguins - 7   Blackhawks - 1   Penguins demolished the Black Hawks on Sunday as Dave Armstrong and Scott Cochrane had a pair each

Kings - 4   Bruins - 1  Kings' Steve Marshall keeps rolling with his team leading goal count with two more goals

Flyers - 3   Sharks - 3   Flyers' Steve Watt got a pair of goals as the Sharks and Flyers battled it out in a tie 



Sharks - 10   Blackhawks - 6  In the crazy game of the weekend with 16 goals, Sharks' Guy Shaver had a hat trick and Vince Mercury had a pair. Black Hawks' Tony Montgomery had a pair in a losing cause

Canadiens - 4   Flyers - 2  Habs'  Ralph Ionico had a pair as the Habs kept rolling along and have a secure strangle hold on first place

Stars - 3   Devils - 0  Stars' Tony Mercury shone Sunday night with the shut out as the Stars have won three straight to get out of the basement.

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