This Week in SCOHA - Mar 3 2014

SCOHA 2013/2014

All of the playoff matchups are now set. The Intermediate Round Robin has already started and the Junior and Masters start this coming weekend. Look at the Playoffs page for schedules and results.


Registration for 2014/2015 is now open and active -


Masters Division 50+ games

Canadiens 3 - Stars 1

Canadiens goals- Bob Jacobs,Chris Barratto and Ralph Ionico

Stars goal- Jerry Janczak


Sharks 3 - Devils 2

Sharks goals- Dino Cortina,Anthony Picone and Ghislain Piche

Devils goals- Bob Schweyer and Peter Syring


Intermediate Division 40+

Kings 6 - Flyers 1

Kings goals- Dino Guidice, Scott Johnson, Dave McComb, Frank Sergi, Kelly Rintjima and Luc Guillemette

Flyers - Joad Durst


Avalanche 4 - Penguins 2

Avalanche goals - Walt Blagdon with 3 and Ken Hutchinson

Penguins goals - Paul Opie and Tim Pettit


Blackhawks 3 - Bruins 3

Blackhawks goals - Larry Litzgus with 2 and Paul McGraw

Bruins goals - Dean McClaren, Larry Larson and Ralph Pace



Junior Division 30+

Oilers 5 - Flyers 4

Oilers goals - Ed Walton 2 goals, Charlie Polizzi, Jason Harvey, Dave Langille

Flyers goals - Mark Powell 2 goals, Greg Ross and Peter Neumeyer


Blackhawks 2 - Bruins 1

Blackhawks goals - Dennis Cybalski 2 goals

Bruins goal - Mel Leggat


Red Wings 5 - Blues 2

Red Wings goals - Jeff Cosentino and Byron Millette with 2 each and Dennis Haradyn with the single.

Blues goals - Peter Whittier and Mike Haslam


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