Playoff-scheduled dates&times

My team members have been asking for dates and times for the playoffs ,so they can arrange their work and personal schedules. I realize that this usually depends on when time can be arranged with City Hall, but the sooner we can advise our SCOHA members the better. Thanks. Pat Cosgrove

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Any schedule that we post right now will not be accurate since we do not know where teams will end up in the standings. I'll talk to the executive to see if we should public the blocks - but I would hold off on making shift changes etc. until the last meaningful game has been played.
Knowing what date at least would help. Pat Cosgrove
I'll talk to the executive and see if they want to just use last year's format and schedule. I can't make that decision in a void - I need their direction on this. Stay tuned.
I got the schedule from Tom Burns tonight - I'll post it tomorrow. Thank you for your patience.